Vintage Iver Johnson safety revolvers (1905-1920)

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1904 Iver Johnson safety hammer revolver - Vintage guns

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Vintage Iver Johnson safety revolvers: Why they are safe

This explains why accidental discharge is impossible with the IVER JOHNSON SAFETY AUTOMATIC REVOLVER

FIG. 1 Shows position of hammer, patent safety lever and firing-pin when not in use. Note the firing-pin and hammer do not touch, but—

FIG. 2 When the trigger is pulled. the hammer moves back and the patent safety lever moves up and in line with the firing pin, so that—

FIG. 3 When the trigger is pulled, the hammer is released, striking the lever, which in turn hits the firing-pin.

You can drop it, kick it downstairs, throw it against a wall, with no fear. Nothing doing until you pull the trigger. Then it shoots straight and hits hard. The best all-around revolver on the market.

Our Free Booklet, “Shots,” tells more in detail why the Iver Johnson has outstripped competitors in public favor. Our handsome catalog goes with it, showing details of construction.

Iver Johnson Safety automatic revolver (1)

Iver Johnson Safety Hammer Revolver

Richly nickeled, 22 caliber rim-fire or 32 calibre center-fire, 3-inch barrel; or 38 caliber center-fire, 3.3-inch barrel – – – $7.50 (Extra length barrel or blued finish at slight extra cost)

Iver Johnson Safety Hammerless Revolver

Richly nickeled, 32 caliber center-fire, 3-inch barrel; or 38 caliber center-fire, 334-inch barrel() (Extra length barrel or blued finish at slight extra cost, Sold by Hardware and Sporting Goods dealers everywhere, or sent prepaid on receipt of price if dealer will not supply.

You can tell the genuine by the owl’s head on the grip and our name on the barrel.

Iver Johnson Safety automatic revolver (2)

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Iver Johnson revolver

Hammer the hammer

We figure that every man who makes this test, means an average of three new customers — himself and at least two of his friends. If you want a revolver that will not go off by accident, then get an Iver Johnson safety automatic revolver…

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