Vintage 80s Gamemaster board games, including Axis & Allies, Shogun & Conquest of the Empire

Vintage Fortress America, Axis and Allies, Conquest of the Empire games

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Milton Bradley vintage Gamemaster board games – Axis & Allies and Shogun

Are you an undiscovered military genius? Find out with the Gamemaster series from MB, and relive the drama of history’s most exciting battles.

Each game has hundreds of pieces, highly-detailed game maps and an absorbing rule book to give you hours of challenging game play. Reshape history as you battle to the ultimate victory.


Axis & Allies: Spring 1942, the height of the Second World War. Mobilize your country, command your forces and attack the enemy, by land, sea and air. And work together with your allies buying the armaments to fight epic battles. Your goal is to occupy the enemy’s capital city in a game where destiny is decided by the roll of a dice.

Shogun: It is the late 16th Century. Feudal Japan is at war. Experience all the finely honed discipline of ancient Japanese warfare. Outwit your opponents, in a ruthless quest for territorial supremacy. You command whole armies of deadly warriors as you battle to become Shogun, the military ruler of all Japan.

Popular vintage board games from the '60s

Milton Bradley Gamemaster Games - Axis and Allies Shogun

Vintage Gamemaster board games: A great general can win any war. (1986)

Gamemaster challenges you to prove it with the greatest battles ever fought from the past to the future! Stalk the battlefields of the Ancient World in Conquest of the Empire.

Dominate the global theatre of World War II in Axis and Allies.

And now launch yourself into the 21st Century with new Fortress America. The Scenario: For the first time in history, the United States is being invaded. Deploy bombs, laser complexes and hover tanks to attack or defend US cities and resources.

The Gamemaster Series — The games you’ll play as if your life depended on it.

Fortress America, Axis and Allies, Conquest of the Empire games 1986

Vintage MB Broadsides & Boarding parties game (1980s)

Change the course of history in one brief hour

Broadsides & Boarding Parties — the incredibly life-like recreation of the fierce naval encounters in the Caribbean in the 17th Century. Your mission is very simple: sink your opponent and claim the spoils of victory.

You are captain of your ship… and master of all you survey. But then, so is your opponent. You may be commanding the Spanish galleon, the Royal Isabella, loaded to the gunwales with a priceless cargo of gold from the New World. Or you may be barking orders to the renegade crew aboard the Seahawk, the slick and speedy square-rigger flying the skull and crossbones.

The Pirate Code: Rules for Black Bart's ship (1724)

Who will survive your life and death struggle? Only good strategy, cunning, and a little bit of luck will determine the outcome.

To win, you must be as daring as Sir Henry Morgan, as crafty as Blackbeard, and as wily and elusive as the Spanish treasure seekers. If you’re a superb navigator and a courageous captain. you’ll win the game and rule the Spanish Main.

You must secretly chart the course of your ship pawn with your plotting cards. Try to steer into a “broadsides” position for greater firepower.

Vintage MB Broadsides and Boarding parties game

Your large 25″ x 15-1/2″ game board is an Old World sea map of the Caribbean. The dots represent game-board spaces. When you’re within firing range, game play moves to grids on the decks of the large ships.

The two large ships measure 15′ long and 15′ high. and they are accurate replicas of sailing ships of the 17th Century, fully rigged with cannons and crew. In addition. you get two small ships, a deck of 30 cards, cardboard tokens, and 66 playing pieces, featuring sword-wielding sailors and fierce-looking cannons.

Slip into the 17th Century, and sail off on the most exciting sea voyage you’ll ever experience: Broadsides & Boarding parties.

Anyone for Yo-ho-ho? Disneyland's new Pirates of the Caribbean ride (1967)

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