How can you catch OJ Simpson? (1969)

25 years after this ad was published, the answer to the question in the headline would be, "If you're the police, go on a five-hour low-speed chase through the Los Angeles area." There would also have to be men... Read more...

Mamie takes Jackie on tour of White House (1960)

Mrs Mamie Eisenhower, who will move out of the White House January 20, gave a friendly one-hour tour to the new tenant, Mrs John F Kennedy. Like their husbands at a meeting earlier in the week, the ladies seemed to get along famously.

Month-by-month calendar icons (1965)

Here's a whole year's worth of cute retro drawings that you can use to make your own calendar -- and they come to you right to you from 1965. Just click here or on the calendar image below to get a larger versi... Read more...

Phone faster by touching buttons (1965)

How you'll phone faster by touching buttons The new Touch-Tone Bell telephone, made by Western Electric, is actually an electronic musical instrument. Each button you touch causes it to produce a different c... Read more...

Butterscotch yule log recipe (1967)

Butterscotch yule log Almost as easy as falling off a you-know-what Butterscotch yule log recipe 1 6-ounce package (1 cup) Nestle's Butterscotch-flavored morsels 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk 1/2 ts... Read more...

A treasury of 100+ vintage Christmas cookie recipes

If you're looking to recreate that special cookie that your grandmother used to make, or hoping to discover an old-fashioned cookie to make new again, we have assembled some this big, tasty collection of recipes -- classic, vintage, retro, heirloom and antique -- for sweet treats this Christmastime!

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