Vintage pasta crafts: Cute & creative decorations made with dried noodles, based on ideas from the ’60s

Vintage pasta crafts Cute and creative decorations made with dried noodles - Ideas from the 60s

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Vintage pasta crafts: This is macaroni! (1966)

The ornaments on these pages look like expensive hand-sculpted vignettes — but they’re all made from that wonderfully prevalent product — pasta!

Any grocery store shelf will yield an astonishing array of shapes guaranteed to spur the imagination into soaring flights of fancy: snowflakes: stars, rosettes, wreaths, medallions!

Shown here, a little smaller than life-size, are some outstanding samples for you to copy. Don’t stop here… create your own!

Vintage pasta craft projects - Ornaments with macaroni and noodles from the 1960s (2)

Vintage pasta craft projects - Ornaments with macaroni and noodles from the 1960s (1)

WHAT YOU NEED: Various shaped pasta, shapes, cardboard, transparent glue, scissors

CRAFT HOW-TO STEPS: To make these, start out with four to six different shapes. Cut colored cardboard disks from two to three inches in circumference — depending on size of the pasta used — then space out the pieces until the design is pleasing. Lift up each piece and coat the underside with transparent glue.

We’ve left our ornaments unpainted — but (most any) pasta takes to paint like spaghetti to sauce. Finish with clear shellac, if desired — hang profusely on trees, windows.

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A pasta pineapple project

This imposing pineapple is worthy of the most formal holiday table — and it’s yours with a little patience and pasta!

WHAT YOU NEED: 1-inch macaroni wheels, gold beads, artificial foliage, and a 12-inch plastic foam egg.

CRAFT HOW-TO STEPS: Fasten egg to square plastic base; cover the entire surface with rows of wheels, each secured by inserting a small section of a pipe cleaner through the center hole. Top each wire with a bead.

Trim pineapple top with a plume of greens and larger gold baubles. Surround the base with more leaves.

Vintage crafts - A pasta pineapple project

Pasta tree craft project

Lace-like fantasy trees are made by forming tiny circles of pasta into larger rounds.

CRAFT HOW-TO STEPS: Arrange pasta in circles (use jar lids to achieve perfect circles) on wax paper and saturate with transparent glue. When dry, glue to dowels and paint.

Color pasta shapes in different ways. You can dip them in fabric dye or food coloring, lay out on paper toweling and spray, or hand color with a small brush after gluing in place.

Retro 1960s Pasta trees craft project

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More vintage pasta craft ideas abound

But don’t stop here! Go on and create more and varied pasta gifts for your friends.

Try plaques of all kinds. Trace the outline of angels, Madonna, three Wise Men, shepherds, and sheep from cards and books.

Be sure to enlarge each design so the pasta used will not be out of scale.

Use straight pieces of macaroni to outline and fill in with shells, bows, wheels, and other shapes.

For a background, use cardboard, velour paper stretched over the board, or felt.

Make festive flower arrangements with pasta. Cut out seven 2-1/2-inch cardboard disks. Insert chenille stem. Glue in place. Cut egg noodle bows in half. Glue three circles of “petals” to each disk.

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