4 ways to enjoy franks and beans

3 ways to enjoy franks and beans

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Hot dog! Here are some serving ideas for those traditional American staples — franks and beans, also known as beans ‘n’ wieners, or just plain ol’ hot dogs and baked beans.

What side dishes go with franks and beans? Try retro sides that contrast with the savory richness of the beans, like a simple green salad, sliced carrots and celery, fruit salad, canned fruit (pears were especially popular with this back in the 1950s), a fruity jello salad, steamed squash with butter, string beans, or cooked carrots.

Hot dogs & beans big at picnics (1961)

Traditional picnic fare has frequently been hot dogs with a big dish of baked beans. It still is, but the modern frankfurters have stepped out of their original habitat, the hot dog bun. Here they are found cooked with baked beans in a casserole.

With this main dish to take along on a picnic, you’ll have no problems with kindling a fire or dodging the smoke. The preparation is all done in your kitchen. It’s handy, especially if you will be at a spot where a campfire is inconvenient.

Feb 2, 1959 beans hot dogs

Three ways to enjoy America’s favorite quick meal: Beans ‘n wieners – or franks and beans

Here’s an honest-to-goodness family meal that tastes like a Sunday treat — Van Camp’s Pork and Beans served with wieners. Van Camp’s have a special flavor because they’re pre-cooked in Secret Savory Sauce… a flavor with just enough spiciness to be enticingly different. Just heat, eat, and enjoy this nutritious, double-protein meal.

A franks and beans party

Throw a Beans ‘n Wieners Party! Heat and serve Van Camp’s Pork and Beans with Wiener sandwiches. To make it extra special, sprinkle garlic salt on buttered buns and heat ’til crisp. Top wieners with cheese and broil lightly so cheese melts.

Easy-to-make franks and beans hot sandwich!

Arrange cut, cooked wieners (or franks, hot dogs, whatever you call them) on half bun, fill center with heated Pork and Beans. Garnish with pickles. Great for hungry teenagers!

3 ways to enjoy franks and beans

Make a franks and beans casserole

Recipe from The Courier-News (Bridgewater, New Jersey) – August 7, 1961

This franks and beans casserole is delightfully flavored by adding brown sugar, mustard, catchup, onion and chopped bacon that’s cooked right with the dish. Several franks are sliced and mixed with the beans. The rest you can place in an attractive sunburst pattern on top. Or create your own design.

Unusual? Actually, frankfurters themselves aren’t so different, but this recipe for serving them is sure to interest you and your family.

Frankfurters are commanding more and more attention each year. In 1960, the average consumption was 62.5 frankfurters per person. When using canned beans, a frankfurter and baked bean casserole is easy and quick to prepare. Cooking time is only 45 minutes.

Frankfurters, franks, wieners, hot dogs, by whatever term you know this meat, are composed of pork and beef, finely chopped and mixed with spices. They are placed in casings, cooked and then smoked. This versatile meat needs no cooking. only reheating if you prefer frankfurters served hot.

Franks and beans casserole recipe

12 frankfurters
1 can (1 lb. 15 ounces) baked beans
1/2 cup catchup
2 tablespoons prepared mustard
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon finely-chopped onion
2 slices bacon, chopped

Combine beans, catchup, mustard, brown sugar, onion and bacon. Cut four frankfurters into lie-inch slices and add to mixture. Pour into a 2-quart casserole.

Cut remaining frankfurters in half crosswise and place on top of beans making a sunburst design. Cover and bake in a moderate oven (350 F) 30 minutes. Remove cover and continue baking 15 minutes. Six servings.

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  1. I make this recipe but only with no mustard, add ketchup a bit of worchestershire sauce, and bacon bits usually with vegan dogs or sausages. very good.

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