Hollywood stars shine for Coppertone suntan lotion (1962)

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Fastest tan under the sun —

— with maximum sunburn protection!

Nothing flatters you like a beautiful tan. And… Hollywood stars know there’s no tan like a Coppertone suntan. Millions of sun worshipers agree. That’s why Coppertone is America’s favorite suntan product… outsells all other brands by far!

Tests under the Florida sun proved why. Conducted by eminent skin specialists, they showed that with Coppertone’s “sun balanced” formula you get the fastest tan possible with maximum sunburn protection… a marvelously deep, rich, natural tan! There’s no skin drying alcohol in Coppertone… no worry about ugly dryness or peeling. Coppertone is good for your skin! Its rich lanolin and other emollients keep skin soft, smooth. So, get the best tan under the sun — get Coppertone. Nothing else will do!

Stella Stevens

Stella co-stars with Elvis Presley in Hal Wallis’ Girls! Girls! Girls!



Paula Prentiss & Jim Hutton

Paula & Jim star in The Horizontal Lieutenant, an MGM release



Valerie Varda

Valerie is featured in Jerry Wald’s Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation

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