Vintage Tonka trucks & other old Tonka toys

Vintage Tonka trucks and toys

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Vintage Tonka truck toys from 1967 (1)

Vintage Tonka truck toys from 1967 (2)

Stokely — a canned food company — together with Tonka Toddler Toys, introduced this line of fruit and veggie-themed preschool toys in the early seventies.

Plump tomato pumper vintage Tonka toy

Driver is Perry Pear. Removable ladders, storage.

Vintage Tonka Toddler toys - Plump Tomato Pumper (1972)

Scamper Pumpkin Camper & Merry Melon Dumper

Fuzzy peach driving. Removable top, storage inside; Adam Apple is up front. Melon tilts and dumps.

Vintage Tonka Toddler toys - Scamper Pumpkin Camper and Merry Melon Dumper (1972)

Perky Pear Mixer

Peerless Plum at the controls. Pear mixer spins manually.

Vintage Tonka Toddler toys - Perky Pear Mixer (1972)

Tonka Tote-a-Phone and Stackable Shapes preschool toys (1980)

Tonka Scrub Tug and Rainbow Top preschool toys (1980)

Tonka Builder playsets toys (1979)

Vintage Tonka Strong Arm construction toy (1979)

Vintage Tonka truck toys from 1984 (1)

Vintage Tonka truck toys from 1984 (2)

Vintage Tonka trucks (1966)

Retro My First Tonka preschool toys (1987)

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  1. Hi my name is Willie. I am living in South Africa. I am also a Tonka and Buddy L fan. Got over 500 models of these toys . Got my first Tonka when I was 9 or 10 Years old , The Mighty Dump truck . My Brother got the Mighty Loader . The cost was R9.95 . 30 Years later I started Collecting . Now I just want more , I hunt them where I can and buy them to put in my little museum at home. I AM a firefighter and I collect toys.

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