See what big screen color TVs looked like in the ’60s

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Color TV from the 1960s

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Vintage Zenith TV from 1967

Big screen retro Magnavox television from 1967

Fancy color TV set from 1965

Motorola rectangular color TV from 1965

Vintage Emerson TV from 1964

Vintage RCA Victor color television 1965

RCA Victor — for color so real you’ll think you are there!

New Hi-Lite Color Tube with Perma-Chrome

Something special has been added to RCA Victor’s new big screen color TV. It’s RCA’s new rectangular Hi-Lite Tube with Perma-Chrome. And the way it works is beautiful to behold.

Ordinary rectangular tubes can produce distorted colors while they’re warming up. The Hi-Lite Tube with Perma-Chrome delivers uniform color purity the moment the picture comes on. And it keeps it there for as long as you keep on viewing.

See your RCA Victor dealer for a demonstration. You can’t miss his store. It’s the most colorful place in town.

See Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, Sundays, NBC TV Network.

See RCA Victor's new big screen color TV - Walt Disney (1966)

See RCA Victor's new big screen color TV - Walt Disney (1967)

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