Howard Johnson’s ice cream shops & restaurants in the 1950s

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Haven for the folks… heaven for the kids (1950)

One way or another, everybody goes for Howard Johnson’s! You get ice cream with the famous “28 flavors,” fried clams and other New England favorites. Hurry-up snacks or full-course meals. Quick, friendly service. And the check’s always a pleasant surprise.

LIFE Aug 21, 1950 Howard Johnson's restaurant


Howard Johnson’s: Happiest thought on wheels (1950)

Just think! Ice cream with the famous “28 flavors,” fried clams and other New England favorites. Hurry-up snacks or leusirely full-course meals. Friendly service and a check that keeps you smiling. All this is yours at Howard Johnson’s. Stop — and see!

PS: Try Howard Johnson’s candies, baked beans, brown bread and date and nut bread — delicious!

PLANNING A TRIP, Write for free descriptive road map showing route numbers and locations of all Howard Johnson’s on your way.

Howard Johnson’s, Wollaston, Mass — Ice Cream Shops and Restaurants Landmark For Hungry Americans

Aug 7, 1950 Howard Johnson's restaurant


Calling all appetites! (1954)

LIFE Jun 14, 1954 Howard Johnson's restaurant


What’s your favorite? It’s on the menu! (1955)

LIFE May 30, 1955 Howard Johnson's chef


Put away the skillet, Mom. Tonight, it’s Howard Johnson’s. (1955)

LIFE Jun 13, 1955 Howard Johnson's


Hurray! Family meals are the most fun (1955)

LIFE Jun 27, 1955 Howard Johnson's table

Howard Johnson’s Ice Cream: 28 flavors (1955)

Ah, those delicious decisions! 28 flavors, all as pure and rich as a melody! But what will you have first? A large charcoal-broiled steak, tender fried deep sea scallops, a grilled ham steak, golden fried butterfly shrimp? Deciding is half the fun, for appetites of all sizes. Come to friendly, courteous Howard Johnson’s tonight.

Under the orange roof

LIFE Jul 18, 1955 Howard Johnson's ice cream


Everything’s better than make-believe at Howard Johnson’s (1955)

LIFE Aug 8, 1955 Howard Johnson's restaurant


Host of the highways: Howard Johnson’s motor lodges & restaurants (1959)

Oct 19, 1959 Howard Johnson's restaurant (2)

Oct 19, 1959 Howard Johnson's restaurant (1)

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  1. Do you have the date and nut bread Recipe from between 1955-1960?
    It was served at the tables at the Howard Johnson restaurants

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