Up close: Antique leather lace-up boots from the Edwardian Era

It’s one thing to see drawings of vintage boots in old catalogs, but quite another to look at a pair that has survived a hundred years!

While we don’t have a specific date of manufacture for these vintage black leather boots, we’re guessing they’re from around the Edwardian Era — anytime from around 1908 to roughly 1920. We do know they were made by the Craddock-Terry Shoe Corporation in Lynchburg, Virginia, which (according to the hotel that’s now on the site of that factory), was once the fifth largest shoe company in the world. Note: These are not the original shoelaces.

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Lace-up black leather boots from the early 1900s

Pointed toes and laces that go all the way up

Antique basic women's boots with a 2-inch heel

Antique basic women’s boots with a 2″ heel

Antique basic women's boots with a 2-inch heel


“Craddock – Bench Made” embossed into the leather soles

Antique boots - early 1900s

An ad showing very similar shoes from a different company (c1915)

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Late '70s fashion: Women's shoes from the 1979 Sears catalog

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