17 striped & checkerboard-patterned floors from 1950s homes

Vintage style, loud and proud! See 12 bold striped & checkerboard floors from 1950s homes

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Floors contribute a share of color in today’s home (1950)

Shabby, drab floors are out-of-date. In today’s home, floors must contribute their share of color and design.

A floor can even help to furnish a room, as in an entrance hall of limited size. For free flow of traffic here, furniture must be kept at a minimum. To avoid a barren look, make the floor count.

With two shades of asphalt tile, make up a light-and-dark checker-board pattern. Use two colors that harmonize with the hallway walls and furnishings. The checkered floor will make the hallway appear “furnished” with very little furniture.

Large retro checkerboard floor in pink and white marble vinyl

A furnished, look can also be achieved with a floor pattern of stripes — either laid parallel with the walls, or diagonal stripes. David E. Kennedy, famous flooring authority, suggests narrow stripes in a narrow hallway, wider diagonal stripes in a slightly larger room, such as kitchen or bedroom.

The wide color range of tile flooring enables one to develop any color combination, such as salmon-pink with brown stripe; powder blue with red; pine green with ivory.

Vintage vinyl tile colors Oct 8, 1956 Kenroyal

Floors from 1950s homes: Suggest a color scheme

A small bedroom with maple furniture takes on new life with a powder blue and red floor. In a living room with blond or natural finish furniture in modern design, a green and ivory floor will be right.

In an Early American room with old pine furnishings, the effect of old wide plank random-length flooring can be created with beige and brown tiles.

If the dining room area is a part of the living room, the two can be divided smartly either by using one asphalt tile pattern and color in the living room, and a contrasting one in the dining area, or by using the same pattern and color in both, separating the two with a broad stripe.

By choosing a floor carefully, small rooms can be made to appear larger; large rooms can be brought down to size. Warm colors make a cold room inviting; cool colors “cool off”  a warm room.

Light-colored furniture can be brought into focus against a dark floor; dark, bulky furniture can be lightened up with a light-colored floor.

Floors from 1950s homes: Spruce up your floors for spring (1956)

Blue and yellow tile patterns on the floor — and a gold-rimmed retro TV set behind folding doors

Huge floor patterns - Retro home decor from the 50s (2)

Floor features blue and green squares with black and white inlays (1953)

Retro patterned floors in blue and green from 1953

A checkerboard-style pattern with 5 different asphalt tile colors for a kitchen/family room in the ’50s

Bold patterned retro floors from the fifties (4)

1950s bedroom flooring with quilt-like red and white floor pattern with bonus stars

Huge floor patterns - Retro home decor from the 50s (1)

Floors from 1950s homes: Black and white checkerboard floor in dining room

Black and white checkerboard floor in dining room - vintage home decor

Brown and beige striped flooring decor in a kitchen from the early 1950s, featuring a right angle design

Brown and beige flooring stripes in fifties retro home decor

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Unique and colorful green and blue striped family room floors from 1957

Kentile vinyl asbestos tile of blue Cotillion, green Bazaar and white Operetta.

Green and blue striped family room floors from 1957

Flooring from the fifties: Black and white metallic vinyl tile (1959)

Vinyl floors for the home from 1959 - Black and white metallic vinyl tile

Floors from 1950s homes: Retro kitchen with yellow and blue vinyl Kenroyal floor tile (1956)

Colors shown are Capri Blue and White Tweed with feature strip

Jul 23, 1956 retro kitchen with yellow and blue vinyl floor tile kenroyal

Shiny teal green floor with white stripes (1958)

1958 Striped green and white shiny retro flooring

Retro basketweave retro kitchen floor from the 1950s - yellow green and white

Chocolate brown and beige patterned retro flooring for a kitchen/family room

Bold patterned retro floors from the fifties (1)

Retro rooms: See these 12 themed vintage basement remodels, from the wacky to the wonderful (1948)

Floors from 1950s homes: Get the most for your money (1952)

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Huge floor patterns - Retro home decor from the 50s (3)

Narrow striped kitchen flooring in brown and yellow

Striped vinyl tile from 1958

Vintage style, loud and proud!

Vintage floor tile from 1957

Bright striped retro flooring in pink, white and black for a modern kitchen and dining area

Bold patterned retro floors from the fifties (2)

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