50 compact vintage dining room sets from the 40s & 50s with that minimalist mid century vibe

Cute and compact vintage dinettes from the 40s-50s

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In the 1940s and 1950s, millions of small post-war homes were built (see some examples here!) for all the military men, their wives and children (that is, the kids who would later known as the “baby boomers”).

The majority of these starter homes were so tiny, they didn’t have formal dining rooms — unlike so many larger houses built during the previous century.

Big, heavy dining room tables and chairs would hardly fit, either, so there was a huge demand for furniture that was small-scale, affordable, and easy to clean. Vintage dining room sets like these were the perfect answer.

Made mostly of plastic and metal, 40s and 50s dinettes were typically bright & cheerfully-colored — and super popular with newly-minted housewives. The cute and informal coordinated sets seated 2, 4 or 6, and could fit into the kitchen, or right nearby.

Take a look back here at some of the coolest & cutest vintage dinettes from the 40s & 50s! (Looking for more? Check out some dinettes from the 60s and 70s here!)

Vintage dining room sets from the ’40s

40s dinettes: Yellow Virtue chrome furniture dinette with Duran upholstery (1949)

Vintage yellow Virtue chrome furniture dinette with Duran upholstery (1949)

Vintage dining room sets: Virtue Bros Smart Set in California colors (1949)

Vintage Virtue Bros Smart Set dinette in California colors (1949)

Vintage dining room sets: Kensington wooden dinette set (1949)

It’s modern… it’s smart… it’s really rearrangeable!

To start with — you buy just as few or as many pieces as you need. Then — you add more whenever you wish. In the same way, if ever you have less dining space, this flexible furniture goes wonderfully well in your bedroom, hall, or in your other rooms!

And, always, whenever the mood takes you, you can rearrange the beautiful pieces in literally dozens of different, good-looking groupings.

Always, too, you’ll be proud to have guests see the clean, classic style and “handcraft quality” construction. The lovely chests, cabinets, consoles… the extension table and the smaller refectory table… all are fashioned of wheat-finished hardwood, gleaming gold.

Retro yellow Kensington brand dinette set (1949)

DelRey Smart Set dinette for two – Virtue Bros (1949)

DelRey Smart Set dinette for two - Virtue Bros (1949)

Howell yellow and chrome dinette (1949)

With pride and pleasure you will introduce your guests to the bright new beauty of your Howell Dinette Set. And you will inwardly rejoice at having chosen fine furniture that is so easily kept beautiful.

The Formica plastic table top, unharmed by boiling water, alcohol, or fruit acids, washes clean with the touch of a damp cloth. The Du Pone Fabrilite upholstery of the chairs is washable plastic, too. And the Howell Chromsteel plating resists scratching and scuffing. All in all, there never was nicer furniture to live with!

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Retro yellow Howell chrome dinette set (1949)

Vintage dining room sets from the ’50s

Vintage dining room sets: Kuehne Planter dinette set with flower chairs and plant holder (1951)

Kuehne vintage Planter dinette set with flower chairs and plant holder (1951)

Vintage dining room sets: Colorful chrome dinettes (1950)

Glorious colors inspired by the West’s strikingly beautiful Grand Canyon. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Tan, and Grey in patterns with a third-dimensional look. Exciting new styles to fit every taste. Virtue Brothers’ famous quality in each distinctive set, yet reasonably priced.

Micalite both of top prevents warping, seals out moisture. Rugged Micalite tabletops resist heat and burns — not even boiling water harms sturdy and color Micalite tops.

Duran upholstered chairs are tailor-welted to hold shape. Body conforming chairs provide maximum support and comfort. Chrome tubing multi-polished to prevent snagging hosiery — damp cloth keeps both table and chairs looking sparkling new.

Colorful chrome dinettes

50s dinette made by Spartan Chrome Furniture with green mother of pearl Nevamar top (1950)

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Dinette made by Spartan Chrome Furniture with green mother of pearl Nevamar top (1950)

Vintage Nevamar dinnete with green marble top (1951)

You’ll fall in love with this dinette!

You’ll find a new home-furnishing thrill in a modern dinette with a wonderful Nevamar table top. In gloriously clear colors and eye-delighting patterns, a Nevamar top keeps its beauty through the years. It’s so easy to care for… never a worry about spilled foods staining its sparkling surface.

Read this label now and you’ll see why makers of quality furniture use Nevamar tops. Your own furniture of department store offers you irresistible values in Nevamar-topped tables for every purpose. 

Vintage 50s Nevamar dinette with grey and green marble table top (1951)

Retro red vinyl dinette with puffy squared chairs (1950)

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Vintage red dinette set with padded vinyl-covered chairs (1950)

Green patterned Coloramic dining set (1951)

Green and yellow dinette from the fifties (1951)

Vintage Nevamar tabletop on a dinette set (1951)

Nevamar tabletop on a vintage fifties dinette set (1951)

Red and chrome dinette set (1951)

Chromed dinette set, 4 chairs. Table top 30 by 30 inches closed, with 12-inch center extension. Chromed steel legs.

Daystrom top in gray, green, red, blue, or yellow pearl design. Table also available in wood grain colors. Chairs to match or contrast.

Vintage red vinyl dinette set from 1951

Daystrom Coloramic gold dinette set (1951)

Daystrom Coloramic Sets start as low as $84.95. Daystromite Wonder Top has wood-grain pattern in grey, green, yellow, limed oak, or chartreuse.

Coloramic legs come in muted Bronze or Golden Sand. Upholstery in choice of plain or Nomad pattern, or brush-stroke plaid — in green, wine, cocoa, chartreuse, red or yellow. Mix or match! Coloramic comes in 3 styles of tables, 4 styles of chairs.

There’s a Family-Fitted Daystrom set for every dining area and every pocketbook.

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Vintage Daystrom Coloramic dinette in brown and beige with gold (1951)

Yellow Chromcraft table and chair dinettes (1951)

Yellow Chromcraft table and chair dinettes (1951)

Retro 50s dinettes:Red and black dining table set from Daystrom furniture (1953)

Red and black retro 50s dinette set from Daystrom furniture (1953)

Vintage 50s dinettes: Arvin Princess in Pacific blue upholstery and Allegro pattern tabletop (1953)

Vintage 50s Arvin Princess dinettes in Pacific blue upholstery and Allegro pattern tabletop (1953)

White and black vintage dining table sets – Daystrom Coloramic (1953)

White and black retro 50s dinettes - Daystrom Coloramic (1953)

Vintage yellow Kuehne-Khrome dinette set (1950s)

A woman knows what she wants! That’s why we asked thousands of you for your idea of the perfect dinette.

The result? This handsome, all new “Planter” Chrome Dinette Set. Modern… decorative… yet, so practical, you’ll thank yourself every day for having it in your home.

You’ll thank yourself for Kuchne’s Plastic top that defies wear… for the ever-brilliant luster of the famous Kuehne Khrome… for styling so advanced, it brings a decorator’s touch of genius to your home.

Yes, you’ll thank yourself for this wonderful Kuehne Dinette. And why shouldn’t you? After all, you designed it!

Yellow vintage '50s dinette set

Gracious dining in the modern manner

Gracious dining in the modern manner (1954)

1950s Virtue black metal and wood grain dinette with green cushions (1953)

1950s Virtue black metal and wood grain dinette with green cushions (1953)

1950s upholstered chairs and table sets (1954)

1950s upholstered chairs and table sets (1954)


Chromcraft dark birch tabletop in modern surfboard shape with green Baize pattern in plastic (1953)

Chromcraft dark birch tabletop in modern surfboard shape with green Baize pattern in plastic (1953)

Daystrom steel plus plastic chairs and green tabletop (1953)

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Daystrom steel plus plastic chairs and green tabletop (1953)

Kuehne Khrome Keyline Dinettes (1953)

Kuehne unveils an entirely new concept in dining furniture…

Keyline Dinettes!

So radically different… so distinctive in design. They set the new standard for today’s living!

Now it can be told! The exciting story of all-new Kuehne line… so revolutionary in design and execution, there is nothing like it in the whole United States.

For built right into these amazing dinettes are wondrous new features that are almost immune to wear. Textolite plastic table tops by General Electric resist stains, withstand hear.

The posture-right chairs are upholstered in miracle Vinyl plastic that won’t crack, fade or peel.

And those exciting new colors stay forever-bright, with just a swish of a damp cloth!

No wonder Kuehne Khrome Keyline makes all other dinettes seem obsolete! See it today, at your furniture dealer’s. You’ll be amazed to learn the new Kuehne Khrome Keyline costs no more than ordinary dinettes!

Vintage grey dinette set from 1953

Old-fashioned 50s dinettes from Kuehne

Retro fifties green and brown table and chair set

Retro fifties green and brown table and chair set

Old-fashion dinette transforms into a poker table (1950s)

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Old-fashioned yellow dinette set from 1950

Which do you prefer… metal or wood? (1954)

Which do you prefer... metal or wood (1954) - Dinettes

Youthful elegance sculptured black metal dining furniture (1956)

Youthful elegance sculptured black metal dining furniture (1956)

Retro Virtue chrome dinettes (1950s)

The chrome furniture that stays beautiful!

Convertible convince… in one beautiful table.

Unexpected guests? There’s no problem with Virtue Bros. New convenient convertible table. No “hair-mussing closet search”. An extra 12″ leaf is stored ready in it’s own niche beneath the table’s colorful Micalite.

Simply slide open and unfold leaf into place. Compact as a small umbrella, and convenient as a pocket! Matching chairs with contoured backs and foam rubber cushioned seats.

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Vintage Virtue brand chrome dinette set from the 1950s

Red and black vintage 50s dinette set with golden accents

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Red and black vintage 50s dinette set with golden accents

Chromcraft’s brass ‘n black dinette set with jade upholstery (1957)

New dimension in modern living. All the beauty of natural woodgrain with none of the limitations of wood.

Attractive Richelain plastic tops in patterns developed exclusively for ChromCraft. These gleaming plastic tops resist scratches and scuffs, stains and acids, and clean easily with a damp cloth.

So much at home with today’s smartest styles and so much a part of ChromCroft’s decorator colors and exclusive designs.

Chromcraft Brass N Black vintage dinette table and chairs (1957)

Chromcraft’s Baroness dinette furniture set (1957)

The Golden Touch in style you’ll treasure.

Newest of all ChromCraft’s smart Continental-influenced designs… rich Golden Touch elegance.

Exclusive black squared-tubular legs, enriched with the textured tracery of ChromCraft’s Goldspun finish. A bold touch of classic beauty in self-edged plastic top, brass leg braces and trim.

Chairs have smart decorator-designed plastic upholstery, luxurious foam rubber cushioning. Matching buffet completes the ensemble… a picture of modern functional beauty.

See this latest contribution to the beauty of better living.

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Chromcraft dinette

Old-fashioned early 50s dinettes with green chairs and gray table (1953)

Old-fashioned dinette with green chairs and gray table (1953)

Arvin master-styled vintage dinettes in green & yellow (1957)

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Retro Arvin master-styled dinettes (1957)

Retro bright green vintage dinettes (1951)

Retro bright green dinette set (1951)

Classic Howell Chromsteel vintage dining room sets (1949)

You’ll prize and praise the many marvelous features of this excitingly, inviting furniture. A genuine Howell dinette set is not only enduringly beautiful… also it is completely practical.

The richly colored Formica plastic table top withstands boiling water, is undamaged by alcohol or fruit acids, and whisks clean with a damp cloth. Chairs are handsomely upholstered in washable all-plastic Fabrilite, in matching colors.

Howell Chromsteel plating is the finest. And Howell design adds style distinction to lasting quality.

Retro red Howell chrome dinette set (1949)

Fancy retro 50s dinettes with vinyl upholstery (1958)

Fancy retro 50s dinette set with vinyl upholstery (1958)

Robin’s egg blue and black retro 50s dinettes

Robin's egg blue and black retro 1950s dinette set

Gold ‘n Bronze vintage dining room sets by Chromcraft (1957)

Gold ‘n Bronze is designed with tapered legs, for tighter look and trim tines. Here, too, is the dramatic new style use of plastic… a stunning diamond inlay walnut wood grain pattern in table top and matching buffer and hutch. At your ChromCraft dealer.

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Vintage 1957 ChromCraft Gold n Bronze dinette set dining table

Retro Daystrom 50s dining room furniture sets (1957)

Night and day it’s Daystrom!

You’ll marvel at Daystrom’s knack of staying beautiful and appropriate no matter what the occasion. New designs combining grace and function include this expandable Round Table with slimly tapered bronze legs and “Ankle-Action” self-leveling glides. New leg design adds grace and provides maximum legroom.

The wood-grained Daystromite top survives burns, stains and bruises; whisks clean with a damp cloth. Striking “Newport” chairs — the season’s latest design — covered in your choice of durable, washable vinyl fabrics or Nylo-Sarans, The pattern shown is Tracery, a Daystrom exclusive.

With drop leaves up and center leaf added, this practical Gateley Table becomes roomy enough for your dinner party, and most important, remains absolutely steady. Delightful upholstered chairs complement a dining set or beautify any corner where an occasional chair is needed.

Vintage Daystrom dining table - dinette set (1957)

Virtue Kyoto inspired 50s dinette sets (1959)

From out of the pace-setting West, Virtue Bros. presents the ultimate in contemporary design. A delicate blending of East and West in new muted gold-toned metal, teak Mica- lite top, subtle brass accents… this is truly dining furniture with built-in beauty that needs no pampering.

Furniture that leads a carefree life… beautifully.

Vintage fifties Virtue dinette (1959)

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