Hot stuff! Vintage 1950s saucepans & kitchenware in popular retro styles

Vintage 1950s saucepans and kitchenware

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Here, see some of the colors — like pink and blue — and styles of the most popular vintage 1950s saucepans and kitchenware from the middle of the 20th century.

Vintage 1950s saucepans: Glamorous, glorious pink enameledware (1956)

Federal glamorous, glorious pink enameledware: For a gay, colorful kitchen… for the easiest to clean kitchen utensils money can buy, choose Federal enameled ware.

No scrubbing, no rubbing… they soak clean. 

Cook the modern way with Federal enameledware.

  • Lasts indefinably with ordinary care.
  • Smooth as glass, always fresh and sweet smelling.
  • Gay colors to perk up any kitchen.
  • Resistance to all food stains and acids.
  • Decorative when hung on kitchen walls.

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Glamorous, glorious pink enameledware (1956)

You’ll love to live with stainless… for life! (1955)

Exciting, eye-catching, fun-to-use housewares like these are made of Republic Enduro stainless steel. Comes in tea kettles, cutlery, measuring spoons, serving ovens, knives, and more!

Vintage fifties stainless steel kitchenware (1955)

West Bend aluminum kitchenware (1950)

Sparkling as Christmas morning itself — and as welcome and cheerful. These popular household helpers prove that practical gifts need not be plain, nor lovely gifts costly.

Items featured include: Color-Glo tumblers, griddle and meter, Electric corn popper, mixing bowls, serving humidor, serving oven, “Trig” tea kettle, ovenette, electric Flavo-Perk, Serv-it platter, and Penguin server.

Vintage West Bend aluminum pots pans kettles and more (1950)

Now in color! Club Holiday porcelain pots and pans (1956)

Here’s colorful living, wonderful giving. The lasting beauty of porcelain — in gay Hacienda Red, lovely Capri Turquoise — now permanently bonded to famous Club Aluminum.

Gleams bright as new with each washing. Cooks evenly, all-around, to bring out the full flavor of every dish you serve.

There is nothing else like the new Club Holiday.

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Vintage Capri Turquoise blue saucepans - Aluminum (1956)

Copper makes the difference! (1954)

Yes, copper makes Revere Ware the most efficient cooking utensils you can buy today. The thick copper bottoms spread the heat more quickly and evenly, preventing scorching and hot spots. You save time and fuel.

Revere Ware will grace your kitchen with its glowing copper and shining stainless steel that is so easy to keep clean and beautiful.

There are Revere Ware sauce pans, double boilers, skillets, sauce pots, tea kettles, percolators and many other items to choose from.

Buy Revere Ware and find out for yourself that copper makes the difference.

Vintage copper Revere Ware saucepans and frying pans (1954)

Bridgeport copperware cookware (1956)

Out of the cooking world… the finest you can own or give!

Newest in stainless steel-copper cookware is this Bridgeport saucepan in the distinctive squared shape. Cooks more, does more — fits square-packed frozen foods better, makes non-drip pouring easy.

And only Bridgeport gives you the Magic Heart of copper rim-to-rim between two layers of stainless steel, to carry low-burning heat quickly throughout the saucepan. Every inch cooks gently, evenly… saving fuel keeping flavors and vitamins alive!

Here, the Encased Copper Style. Available also in Copper-Clad Style — mellow, burnished copper outside for beauty, stainless steel inside for easy cleaning.

Pride and Joy set — The most versatile starter set ever offered. Includes most-wanted, most-used utensils: skillet, saucepan, casserole that combines with saucepan to give you a double boiler. Also a wrought-iron warmer for buffet service. A perfect gift!

The magic heart of copper — heat-carrying copper between two layers of stainless steel is the secret of gentle, fast cooking.

Vintage fifties Bridgeport Copperware saucepans and kitchenware (1956)

The hit of the holiday — Revere Ware! (1959)

Christmas comes but once a year… but Revere Ware gifts mean a lifetime of happy cooking.

French Chef Skillets! You give the finest with copper-clad Revere Ware!

Revere Ware Coffee Makers brew the best… for two cups or a gala party.

For fowl or roasts an easy-to-clean stainless steel Roasting Pan is perfect.

For buffet suppers, choose a Revere Ware Covered Casserole with warmer.

The charm of solid copper endears a beautiful Revere Tea Kettle to her.

Revere Ware Double Boilers! Use inset for ice, mixing or for food storage.

Handy for dozens of dishes, Revere Ware Sauce Pans are modestly priced.

Give her kitchen new beauty with a Revere Ware 3-utensil Hanging Rack.

Mix-n-fix is easy with Revere Ware Tel-U-Top Canisters and Mixing Bowls.

Stainless steel, copper bottoms make Revere Ware Tea Kettles real jewels.

A Revere Ware Dutch Oven rates high on any good cook’s most-wanted list.

Gift supreme! You’re sure to please with one of Revere Ware’s Gift Sets.

Vintage Revere Ware pots and saucepans (1959)

Vintage Federal Vogue enameled ware, with set-in cover & bakelite knob (1958)

HERE’S A GENUINE COOKWARE VALUE. For this only 69c, this handy two-quart Vogue yellow enameled saucepan is a “must” for every kitchen.

Features modern straight-side design, set-in cover, and “stay-cool” (Also available in white with red trim.) And remember, porcelain-enameled cookware is durable, sanitary and easy to clean.

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Vintage Federal Vogue straight-side saucepan (1958)

Excitingly beautiful — Hallite by Wear-Ever (1954)

These truly magnificent cooking utensils are designed to give superb cooking performance and to add beauty to your kitchen!

Hallite utensils are made of an extra-hard, durable alloy. even to the copper-colored covers that won’t tarnish. This special alloy spreads heat with amazing speed — up the sides and over the cover, as well as across the bottom. The whole utensil cooks the food, without scorching.

Two transparent leaf hangers are included with each utensil, so that you can arrange them like pictures on your wall.

It’s a cinch to keep Hallite brilliantly bright — and the years will prove that they are styled not only for beauty, but for constant use. You’ll always be proud of Hallite.

Vintage saucepans - Hallite by Wear-Ever (1954)

Sparkling… color never needs polishing! — Wear-Ever (1957)

Range-to-table service in sparkling Hallite brightens your meals, lightens your work… reflects your good taste!

These glamorous cooking-and-serving utensils are made of special thick aluminum that spreads heat quickly, evenly, gently — they cook food better.

And the gay copper-colored covers always stay shiny, never need polishing! Wonderful to own, wonderful to give. Attractive leaf hangers included free!

Vintage saucepans - Hallite by Wear-Ever (1957)

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