Sparking sequined crafts: Jeweled fruit & Christmas ornaments (1972)

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Sparking sequined crafts Jeweled fruit & Christmas ornaments (1972)
Elegant jeweled fruit craft project

Make these ornaments in minutes for dazzling centerpieces or decorations. It’s so easy! You simply use straight pins to attach sequins and beads to Styrofoam forms. Included in jeweled fruit kit: beads, sequins, pins, forms, plastic greenery and directions for making the following 14 fruits: one pineapple, one pear, one banana, two peaches, two oranges, two lemons, two apples, three plums.

Elegant jeweled fruit craft project

Vintage sequined pineapple DIY craft project

Spangled, sequined Christmas balls you can make

These sparkling Christmas balls look so exquisite, you won’t believe how quick and economical they are to make. Here is one Christmas project the children can join in — with happy results. Just pin spangles, sequins and beads on pre-shaped white foam balls. Add gold filigree ornaments, large jewel-like colored beads and cords for hanging.

Spangled, sequined Christmas balls you can make

Spangled, sequined Christmas balls you can make


Santa Christmas ornament – Jingle bells

Santa is the key here — you wind him up to turn on the tune, which appropriately is “Jingle Bells. ” Pictured below, he stands in a circle of brass bells atop a brocade and velvet ribbon- covered ball. A “gilded” three-legged stand permits the ball to be used as a decorative table ornament. It is 6-1/2 inches tall. Without stand, the ball can hang on your Christmas tree.

Decorative crafty Christmas tree ornament with Santa


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