Build your second home: The Ranger A-Frame cabin (1960)

Your second home The Ranger A-Frame cabin from 1960

Your second/vacation home design: The Ranger A-Frame cabin

Here’s a basic but striking A-frame cabin by Nagle and Associates that’s designed for the “blue snow” country.

Your second home The Ranger A-Frame cabin from 1960

How this mountain getaway is built

Built-up 2″ x 12″ beams rest on big concrete piers which are sunk into the ground 3 feet below grade.

Of course, the steep pitched roof of exterior fir plywood will not only shed the snow readily, but will resist mountain blizzards.

To relieve the spartan A-frame lines, an extra pair of A-frames have been extended onto the cabin’s spacious sun deck to form a shelter from the sun in both summer and winter.

Inside, there’s a wealth of wide-open wonderful space for taking your ease.

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Your eating pleasure is amply provided for in the compact 6′ by 8′ kitchen. A complete bath, including shower, fits into a few square feet. The living room contains 240 square feet with a cozy corner fireplace that’s perfect for warming up next to after a hard day on the ski slopes.

A 144 square-foot sleeping balcony overlooks the living room and is made readily accessible with a ship-type stairway. Fir plywood construction throughout the Ranger makes a tighter, stronger, longer-lasting vacation cabin.

The A-Frame cabin’s living room design

The Ranger’s living room is oriented to take full advantage of the view with lots of windows facing onto the spacious deck area.

Your second home The Ranger A-Frame cabin from 1960

The vacation cabin’s balcony and open ceilings

The sleeping balcony and the open living room ceiling combine to add a sense of spaciousness throughout the Ranger.

Your second home The Ranger A-Frame cabin from 1960

This A-Frame cabin’s floorplan

The Ranger A-Frame cabin floor plan design (1960)

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