Del Monte Yogurt Cups were awesome snacks for ’80s kids

Del Monte Yogurt Cups were awesome for kids in the 80s

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In the late eighties, Del Monte Yogurt Cups — shelf-stable yogurt inside metal cans with pop tops — were introduced in select markets, and came in four flavors: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and peach.

After a little tinkering, the product was released nationwide in late 1989. One of the biggest changes was the packaging, which included new names for the flavors to make them sound more cool and awesome.

By that, we mean they literally added the most ’80s adjectives to the flavor flavs, dubbing them Totally Strawberry, Cool Blueberry, Rad Raspberry, and Awesome Peach.

After about a year, though, these ads show that the “gag me with a spoon” names were gone, and had been replaced with their simpler predecessors.

Alas, sometime in 1991, the little canned yogurts apparently disappeared into the abyss of discontinued products, leaving the world with plain old refrigerated yogurt.

Del Monte Yogurt Cups were awesome snacks for '80s kids

Del Monte Yogurt Cups are take-along kids’ snacks (1989)

Provided by Del Monte USA, and published in The Signal (Santa Clarita, California) October 5, 1989

New Del Monte Yogurt Cup products, low in fat and with new advertising and packaging aimed toward children, are being introduced nationally this fail.

Yogurt Cup, one of the nation’s first yogurt products that does not need refrigeration, has been reformulated into lowfat varieties with 140 calories per 4.45-ounce serving.

The product is part of a line of take-along products for children from Del Monte Foods, USA, including Fruit Cup, Fruit and Gel Cup, and Pudding Cup products, all available in the canned fruit aisle of grocery stores.

Del Monte Yogurt Cup products have a one-year shelf life and will retail for approximately $1.99 per four-pack.

Lynn Bradley, Del Monte marketing manager, said, “Encouraged by the success of our first yogurt product, we are emphasizing even more of the produces appeal to children.

“The variety names, Awesome Peach, Rad Raspberry, Cool Blueberry and Totally Strawberry, will appear on new packaging of corresponding colors and stripes. This is a significant departure from traditional Del Monte packaging.”

Also for children, she added, is a tamper-resistant container, and an easy-open safety lid.

The packaging also notes that the product is real yogurt, with real fruit. It contains a “REAL” dairy symbol, the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, and an 800 toll-free number for consumers to have their questions answered.

Even the advertising has a unique look, Bradley said, including a print advertisement, a James DeanRebel With A Cause‘ approach, that alerts consumers that the product is, “Tough as nails on the outside, smooth and creamy on the inside. With no chunky stuff like adult yogurt…”

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Del Monte yogurt cup is made for kids (1988)

Now yogurt’s kid stuff: New Del Monte yogurt cup is made for kids. With smooth, creamy real yogurt and fruit puree.

Yogurt Cup needs no refrigeration. And each kid-size serving comes in a sturdy pop-top container so it holds up in the lunch box.

In strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and peach.

In the canned fruit aisle. We grow great taste – Del Monte

Del Monte yogurt cup is made for kids (1988)

Totally Strawberry pop-top Del Monte yogurt cups (1989)

Rebel with a cause: Del Monte Yogurt Cup yogurt breaks the rules.

It comes in a can — an airtight, pop-top container with no preservatives and no refrigeration required. Why? Because this yogurt is for kids.

Tough as nails on the outside. Smooth and creamy on the inside. With no chunky stuff like adult yogurt. Yogurt Cup goes to the park, to the beach, to school — wherever kids go. And it comes in four outrageous fresh fruit flavors.

You may not understand why your kids love it so much. Just be thankful it’s yogurt.

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Del Monte Totally Strawberry yogurt cup (1989)

Vintage Del Monte Yogurt Cups in four great flavors (1990)

Vintage Del Monte Yogurt Cups (1990)

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