The all-new Dictaphone Time-Master (1958)

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Record with the Dictaphone Time-Master

The all-new Dictaphone Time-MasterNow… your dictation can be effortless with the all-new, all-transistor Dictaphone Time-Master — the automatic dictating machine. Touch-button controls — right on the new mike — make written communication as easy as telephoning.

And your voice on the exclusive Dictabelt record is unmistakably clear, can’t be accidentally erased. You make corrections and changes with touch-button ease. The beautiful new Time-Master is the nearest thing yet to automation in dictation. This obliging machine will help you get ahead… help your secretary keep ahead of her work. Her transcribing Time-Master is just as automatic.

Get the whole exciting story. Call your local Dictaphone office for a free demonstration. Or write us for full-color booklet.


The all-new Dictaphone Time-Master

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