Remember these vintage gold-edged bedroom furniture sets from the ’60s?

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Vintage Provenceaux bedroom furniture from Bassett
This off-white furniture with gold-tone hardware and gilt edging was very popular in the ’60s & ’70s.

Unlike a lot of other furniture, these bureaus and dressers — along with both copies & variations — could be seen decorating the bedrooms of children and adults alike. (See a matching kitchen design below, too.)

Surround yourself with good taste… with fine furniture you can afford to own!

The Provenceaux Collection: This lovely bedroom group is just one of more than a dozen French Provincial designs made by Bassett. You can buy the stylish and roomy six-drawer chest-on-chest shown above for under $410.

Does every room in your home look exactly the way you want it? Or, does your budget often put a damper on beautiful plans? With Bassett Furniture you can decorate excitingly — all through the house — and keep within your budget!

Whatever style or period you’d love to have in your home, you’ll find that Bassett designs it exquisitely. Their skilled craftsmen build it lastingly, too, so that you will be able to cherish it year after year.

Buy Bassett for bedrooms, dining room and nursery, living room tables, or upholstered pieces by the Prestige Division . . . at your favorite furniture or department store. You can be proud of your home when you own lovely furniture made by Bassett, the world’s largest manufacturer of wood furniture.

Furniture designed by Leo Jiranek, AID, IDI

Provenceaux bedroom furniture from Bassett (1966)

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Speaks French in style… and your language in price (1964)

The Provencaux Collection is just one of 50 Bassett furniture designs… for families with bigger ideas than budgets.

Name your favorite furniture style … French or Italian Provincial, Contemporary or Early American, Danish Modern or Traditional. Its first name is Bassett… the make that means more authentic details, more beautiful veneers, more lasting construction and finish, more choice of proud pieces than you ever suspected so few dollars could buy. Think of all the decorating you can do with the difference!

At leading stores, discover this for yourself: As the world’s largest manufacturer of wood furniture… for the bedroom, dining room, living room, nursery… Bassett makes better furniture easy to own.

Provenceaux bedroom furniture from Bassett


And in the same theme: Gold-edged kitchen cabinetry (1963)

And so easy to own! For less than built-on-the-job cabinets, you can have the kitchen of your dreams, built to fit exactly your space and needs!

A thrilling new concept by i-XL. If you’ve been thinking about a new kitchen, take another look at those lovely Sculptured Satingold cabinets… This unique luxury and elegance can be yours — built to fit exactly the kitchen space and plan you have in mind — to give you all the storage and modern conveniences you’ve ever wanted.

And, the cost is surprisingly low — even less than an ordinary hammer and saw job! A lot less fuss and muss, too! Your i-XL kitchen dealer will be happy to show you dramatically new Sculptured Satingold and to help you plan your perfect kitchen!

Gold-edged vintage kitchen cabinetry from 1963

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Vintage gold-edged bedroom furniture sets from Sears in the ’70s

Gold-edged bedroom furniture from the 70s - 1977 (3)

Gold-edged bedroom furniture from the 70s - 1977 (2)

Gold-edged bedroom furniture from the 70s - 1977 (1)

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