3 swell one-dish meals! (1950)

Three simple one-dish meals that are simply swell!


1. Hearty Hash Casserole

Tastes like you’d spent hours preparing it – instead of minutes. Because it’s Armour Corned Beef Hash, made the “fresh-cooked” way – with lean, tender beef and firm, white potatoes. Use two tins of Armour Hash for your casserole, leaving a well around edge. Dot with butter and bake at 350 F until brown. Wreath with peas. Serve with asparagus salad. And you’ll agree that America’s favorite hash is America’s finest hash!

2. Chili-Potato Pie

Made with Armour Chili Con Carne. It’s the real chili-lover’s chili – Chili Texas Style – taste-tested and preferred in the great Southwest where folks know good chili, and eat lots of it. Just line dish with seasoned mashed potatoes and bake at 400 F 10 minutes. Pour heated Armour Chili into pie, and serve with crisp relishes – plus fruit and cheese for dessert. The aroma of that lean, boneless beef, selected red pinto beans and spicy sauce will bring your family to the table like a ranch-house dinner gong!

3. Ten-Minute Beef Stew

A special treat for your family and your meat-budget, too! It’s Armour Beef Stew, newest Pantry-Shelf Meal, made home-style like you’d make it yourself. With lots of big pieces of lean, tender beef, plenty of carrots, potatoes, and onions in rich, brown gravy! Heat it and serve with hot biscuits, chili sauce, and pickle slices and – lady, what a feast you’ve got!

The best – and nothing but the best – is labeled Armour.

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