Beer belongs – enjoy it! 20 old-fashioned scenes from the 40s & 50s

Beer belongs - enjoy it - Old America's beverage of moderation

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Years ago, the United States Brewers Foundation ran a series of kindly, old-fashioned ads for beer, all with the tagline ‘Beer belongs – enjoy it.’ Here’s a look back.

America’s beverage of moderation: Beer for a holiday buffet (1940)

Beer and ale have always belonged here in America. Since Colonial days, Americans have served them when entertaining guests. George Washington, for example, had his own personal recipe for making beer that he served guests at Mount Vernon.

Vintage beer ads from the 1940s - Beer belongs - enjoy it!

Thanksgiving Dinner (1940)

In this friendly, freedom-loving land of ours — beer belongs… enjoy it!

Vintage beer ads from the 1940s (2)

Beer belongs… enjoy it (1946)

In this home-loving land of ours… in this America of kindness, of friendship, of good-humored tolerance… perhaps no beverages are more “at home” on more occasions than good American beer and ale.

For beer is the kind of beverage Americans like. It belongs — to pleasant living, to good fellowship, to sensible moderation. And our right to enjoy it, this too belongs — to our own American heritage of personal freedom.

America’s beverage of moderation

Apr 15, 1946 Beer belongs - enjoy it

Saturday football over the radio (1947)

Oct 20, 1947 Beer belongs - enjoy it

Getting ready for Christmas (1948)

Beer belongs – enjoy it!

Dec 20, 1948 Christmas beer

Decorating for Christmas (1949)

Dec 19, 1949 Christmas beer twee

Home from hunting (1950)

Oct 23, 1950 kitchen beer pheasant hunting

Beer for Thanksgiving dinner in our home-loving land (1950)

1950 Thanksgiving food and beer

Thanksgiving history, from the Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving to the strange way turkey day became a holiday

Holiday visitors (1950)

Dec 18, 1950 Beer christmas

Thanksgiving Day scenes… with beer (1953)

Nov 23, 1953 Thanksgiving beer

The First Thanksgiving: Recipes for a tasty traditional Thanksgiving dinner (1975)

Looking over Christmas cards (1953)

In this friendly, freedom-loving land of ours — Beer belongs… enjoy it!

Dec 14, 1953 Christmas - Beer

Mother’s night off (1953)

Beer belongs - enjoy it - Ad from 1953

After the ride – beer (1953)

beer belongs... enjoy it

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Gulf Coast shrimp supper (1954)

Mar 22, 1954 Backyard party

Getting ready for Christmas (1954)

Wrapping presents while drinking beer…

How do you wrap a blender? A frying pan? Get some creative ways to wrap oddly-shaped gifts (1960s)

1954 Christmas beer

Indoor barbecue (1955)

In this friendly, freedom-loving land of ours — Beer belongs… enjoy it!

Mar 21, 1955 Beer belongs - enjoy it

Showing off the new power mower (1955)

Jun 6, 1955 beer

We won! Have a glass of beer after the game (1955)

Nov 21, 1955 Beer

Weekend on the ski country (1950)

Dec 12, 1955 Beer Christmas

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Dad rehearses his speech (1956)

In a situation like this — What makes a glass of beer taste so good?

When we’re asked to make a speech — or act in a community play, maybe—it’s natural to depend on family end neighbors for friendly criticism… and just as natural to depend on good American beer or ale for help in putting both the “performer” and his “audience” more at their case.

For beer is brewed with easy-going informality in mind. A product of our country’s finest malt barley and tangy hops, its distinctive flavor has made beer our national “beverage of moderation”— kept on hand in most American homes ready to make any situation more enjoyable. Beer Belongs — Enjoy It!

Apr 23, 1956 Beer belongs - enjoy it

Beer-cheese soup: Vintage recipe from Bisquick

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