The Beer Lover's Guide to Vintage Advertising: Featuring Hundreds of Classic Beer, Ale & Lager Ads from American History


Welcome, beer lovers, to a time when the brew wasn’t only something delicious to be enjoyed, but was actually celebrated as a healthy drink that sparked the appetite and helped you sleep.

Beer has been made and sold in this country since before it even was a country. In fact, as far back as the 1600s, Manhattan (then known as New Amsterdam) was home to some of the first commercial breweries this side of the Atlantic. Still, it took more than 100 years before companies regularly advertised their wares.

We dove deep into newspaper archives to find hundreds of early ads for beers and brewers  — covering the years between the American Revolution and the end of Prohibition — then put them all together to make this picture of the past. With more than 400 individual clippings, hundreds of vintage beer brands are represented! (To help you find something specific, we have also included a comprehensive index.)

All of the authentic antique images in this book were carefully chosen, then digitally restored to return them to their original glory. They’re in sections based on the date of publication, so you can easily find a specific era, or browse the ads to see how trends changed through the years.

So grab a bottle of your favorite malted beverage, and enjoy this little trip back through time. As they used to say, “After the nervous tension of a day’s work, there’s no better relaxation than a glass of good beer.”

Or a book about good beer.

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