Classic Chevrolet El Camino pickup trucks: Vintage Chevys, ’60s-style

Classic Chevrolet El Camino pickup trucks Chevy 1960s

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’67 El Camino: A working classic

Cast an eye on a rare collector’s item. El Camino. Takes on half-ton loads with a hefty frame and a six-and-a-half-foot-long cargo box. Takes it easy on standard Superlift air-adjustable rear shock absorbers. And there’s a Positraction rear axle available for holding down spins.

So load up. And load on the goodies. Like Strato-bucket seats, air conditioning, tach… the works. Everything goes with El Camino’s snappy standard or custom interior.

El Camino goes with more than 6 power-train combinations. Order from two Six and five V8 engines up to 350 horses. Match up your power plant with one of five manual and two automatic transmissions. Then put some teeth into your combo with the right axle ratio.

For the right safety features, check El Camino’s new set of standards: GM-developed energy-absorbing steering column, four-way hazard warning flasher, dual master-cylinder brake system and many more. Get a load of E! Camino at your Chevy dealer’s… Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

Chevy '67 El Camino pickup truck

Classic ’67 El Camino: Sharp as a tach

You’re only scratching the surface until you dig into El Camino’s bag of goodies.

Dig these: electric tach, speed warning device, Positraction rear axle, Strato- bucket seats (without the console if you like), Mag-styled wheel covers and thick pile carpeting. And put your finger on these: air conditioning, walnut-grained steering wheel, power windows. To top it all off: a snappy vinyl roof.

And that still doesn’t cover half of what you can order. El Camino’s got you covered on power too. Work from two Sixes and five V8’s up ta 350 horses. Get the message across with one of five manual and two automatic transmissions.

Get the work out in a roomy half-ton cargo box. Et Camino’s long list of new and standard safety items is another strong paint. Includes the GM-developed energy-absorbing steering column and four-way hazard warning flasher. Flash a look at El Camino…

67 El Camino truck - Chevy

The broad appeal of the ’65 El Camino

El Camino is doing lots of things for lots of people — beautifully. It’s proving to have wide appeal.

That’s because it offers a body (by Fisher) that’s good-looking enough to be seen anywhere and, at the same time, a chassis and pickup box that are made for work.

El Camino will transport you pleasurably, like a fine car, then turn right around and do the chores like a light-duty truck.

Ranchers, suburbanites, salesmen, farmers and many others are enjoying El Camino today. It carries up to 1,200 lbs. of payload, and can be ordered with bucket seats, air conditioning, 4-speed transmission, power windows, power steering and transistorized radio. Also, deep-pile carpeting, tachometer and other extras that will add to your enjoyment.

Does the broad appeal of El Camino appeal to you? For more information on how this versatile beauty will fit into your scheme of things, see your Chevrolet dealer.


The broad appeal of El Camino

Classic 1966 Chevrolet El Camino: Likes to work

Work is seldom what you’d call fun, but any time you can spend your day behind the wheel of a vehicle like this, the job can’t help but go a bit faster.

In addition to the standard work-proven features on the preceding page, there is a broad range of options and accessories available for El Camino, enabling it to be custom-tailored to your specific job situation.

You can, for example, choose any of seven different engines (two Sixes and five V8s); four different transmissions (a 3-speed, a 3-speed overdrive, a 4-speed and a Powerglide automatic); six different rear axle ratios; a standard or Positraction rear axle; heavy-duty springs and other special items.

Tachometer — for use with either 6 or 8-cylinder engines; provides an accurate check of engine revs up to 7000 rpm; helps determine exact shift points.

4-speed transmission — features the smooth, fast action of Synchro-Mesh on all forward gears, plus the added sportiness of a floor-mounted shift lever.

Classic Chevrolet El Camino - 1966 pickup trucks

Classic Chevrolet El Camino: In rare form (1967)

Lean. Clean. Class. El Camino is a breed apart. Set foot in it, and it’ll set you apart.

Under that cool cover breathes a road machine that’s powered to please. Start with a choice of two sixes and five V8’s all the way up to 350 horses. Wind up with one of four manual or two automatic transmissions.

Deck out the cab in a standard or custom interior, then run wild with personal effects like AM-FM radio, Strato-bucket seats, Positraction rear axle, tach… tailor to taste.

El Camino pampers you like no other pickup. Loves to labor too. Pile on a half-ton payload and feel it ride, handle, corner and brake like a charm. Superlift air-adjustable rear shock absorbers keep you on the level. On the safety side, El Camino has you surrounded: the GM-developed energy-absorbing steering column, plus-padded instrument panel and a lot more.

Get the goods on El Camino from your Chevrolet dealer.

1967 Chevrolet El Camino truck

1969 Classic Chevrolet El Camino

1969 Chevrolet El Camino truck

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