Young Kim Basinger for Maybelline Kissing Potion (1975)

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Kissing Potion: New! Flavored roll-on lipgloss

Shines up lips. Shines up lipstick. Outshines pot gloss and stick gloss by a smile.

Rolls on a clean, sleek, luscious shine that adds no color, just a kiss of flavor: Strawberry Swirl, Mighty Mint, Krazy Kola, Cherry Smash, Cinnamon Stick, Fruit Flip. So delicious, share it with a friend!


Kissing Potion: Flavored roll-on lipgloss

Hello! Fresh Face. That’s you with a little help from Maybelline.

We’re rolling it right along with our four new flavors — each with its own roller-ball top. Roll it over lips, roll it over lipstick… no color, just great gloss power.

Wait ’til you taste Great Grape — Passion Punch — Orange Squeeze — Root Beer Float. 10 luscious flavors that outshine stick gloss and pot gloss by a smile.



Kissing Potion Duos

New Candy Cane! Strawberry swirl


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