These 15 vintage Halloween cards for kids were super cute ways to say boo!

Super-cute ways to say boo Vintage Halloween cards for kids from the 70s 80s

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Halloween greeting cards made especially for children became popular in the 1970s – most far more sweet than scary. Take a look back at these vintage Halloween cards for kids from the ’70s and ’80s!

Happy Halloween cards: A new way to celebrate a very old holiday

Black cats have been arching their backs, witches have been soaring on brooms, and ghosts have been haunting on Halloween for many, many years.

Some 2000 years, it’s said, dating back to the pre-Christian era, for Halloween had its roots in the autumn festivals of the Druids.

Many of the customs we continue in some form today date back to those old days. The corn and pumpkins we use for decorating are reminiscent of ancient harvest festivals.

Bobbing for apples and the telling of ghost stories go back to the Middle Ages, and, when you build a bonfire for a wiener roast, you really may be reenacting an old British ritual of lighting fires to ward off evil spirits on the mystical night.

In recent years, a new Halloween custom has been added to those time-honored ones. Just how successful it is, I can’t say, but greeting card counters displaying Halloween cards seem to be doing good business.

Vintage Halloween cards for kids - cute girl witch retro card

Vintage Halloween cards for kids are especially cute

Some of the cards are humorous, some are clever — and some, designed for children, are almost sweet and appealing.

I enjoyed one with a drawing of a pair of scarecrows. The wording: “They’re playing our song — ‘Spook to Me of Love.'”

Witches seem to be the big thing in cards this year, though, and their warty faces peer from beneath peaked hats on card after card.

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One card shows a witch silhouetted against a full moon and, of all things, she’s driving a sleigh! Inside is a picture of Santa tightly bound and the message, “If you see an old witch in a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer, notify the police.”

Another card reads “An evil witch is going to put a terrible spell on this card.” Inside, the message continues “Hapie Halowheene — that’s one of the most terrible spells I’ve ever seen.”

Peanuts - Snoopy seventies Halloween party invitation card

One advises, “Before you go out to celebrate Halloween, be sure to brush your tooth.”

Another reads, “If, perchance, on Halloween, you are visited by a skinny little old lady with long black scraggly hair, sharp fingernails, a hairy wart on her nose, wearing a black dress and carrying a broom — be kind to her. After all, selling brooms is one heck of a way to earn a living.”

But. if I were going to send Halloween cards. I’d probably choose one of the Peanuts variety. Snoopy, for instance, grumbling over the vandals who painted “Happy Halloween” in bright orange on his dog house.

Or — my favorite — a masked Woodstock demanding “Twick or Tweet!”

Vintage Halloween cards for kids: No tricks to pull — no pranks to play…

Among vintage Halloween cards for kids, there is this one with a black cat sitting inside a magician’s hat (1977)

Halloween card with a black cat sitting inside a magician's hat (1977)

Vintage Halloween cards for kids from the seventies: For a special granddaughter on Halloween

Featuring ghost and ballerina costumes (1977)

Halloween Featuring ghost and ballerina costumes (1977)

“Hi, granddaughter!” A kitten trick-or-treating with pumpkin candy basket

Vintage Hallmark cute halloween greeting card from the 70s

A squirrel with a pumpkin who “Picked this out special”

Cute little Hallloween squirrel - vintage card

Vintage Halloween cards for kids: Happy Halloween to a sweet girl

Shows a girl dressed as a witch, stirring a cauldron (1979)

Happy Halloween to a sweet girl 1979

Little ghost and pumpkin on a vintage Halloween card

Little ghost and pumpkin on a vintage Halloween card

Vintage Halloween cards for kids with a happy haunted house

Vintage Halloween card - Haunted house

See the retro melted plastic Halloween decorations popular in the 70s

Vintage Halloween cards for kids: Black cat

For a sweet granddaughter (1980)

Vintage Black cat Halloween card from 1980

Haunted house vintage Halloween cards for kids

Witches and ghosts and monsters and ghouls inhabit this cute haunted house

Vintage haunted house with monsters ghosts and skeletons from the 1980s

Guess who? It’s a vintage Halloween card with a black cat!

Cute black cat vintage Halloween greeting card

Vintage Halloween cards for kids – a girl in her costume

Wishing a girl who’s extra sweet…

Vintage Halloween card for a girl in the 1970s

Halloween scarecrow and pumpkin

A Halloween harvest hello (1978)

Printed inside: Hope you’ll be so happy while Halloween is here — That, like this scarecrow, you’ll grin from ear-to-ear! HAVE FUN!

Halloween scarecrow and pumpkin

Monster Mash: How the ghoulish Halloween song by Bobby Boris Pickett came to be - and became a huge hit

Happy Halloween from a grandparent

You’re the best, Granddaughter (with a huge Jack-o’-lantern)

Vintage Halloween card with a spooky pumpkin from the 1980s

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