Now hear this: Drive-in movie theater speakers

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The purpose-built drive-in theater opened back in 1933 in Pennsauken, New Jersey. The format was marketed as a family-friendly entertainment, with ads noting, “The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are.”

The late 1950s and the early 1960s, though, were the real drive-in glory days, when there were about 4000 such venues spread across the country — about a quarter of the total number of movie theatres. (No doubt much of the popularity was thanks to the teen set, who flocked to drive-ins on date night.) As of 2013, however, traditional indoor theaters account for more than 98 percent of all screens.

A pair of vintage silver-tone drive-in speakers on chains


Photo by Trevor Cameron


Two chrome drive-in speakers


Photo by Dennis Jeffrey


Drive-in theatre speaker set

From a museum collection/car show, in front of a gorgeous orange & white 1956 Mercury


Photo by Chris


Movie speaker in the car window



Photo by Sam Howzit

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2 Responses

  1. So back in 1965 my grandparents accidentally drove off with one of these speakers. The cord is still attached and what would be my best bet to find out what it’s worth?

    1. “accidentally drove off with one” and you’re asking what it’s WORTH?? Why not return it to it’s rightful owner instead of asking how much you think you can get for it??

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