New Zenith “Space Command” TV remote control (1957)

Silent Sound: New miracle way to tune TV from your easy chair

Nothing between you and the set but space…

You just push a button to…

  • turn TV on and off
  • change channels (left or right)
  • shut off the sound of long, annoying commercials while the picture remains on the screen

Zenith “Space Command” Remote TV Tuning is the only thing really new in television. And only Zenith has it! Now, as you sit in your easy chair, anywhere in the room, the miracle of “Silent Sound” does your TV tuning for you. No need to get up even for fine-tuning.

Each channel comes in sharp and clear automatically with up to 20,000 volts of picture power. Space Command Remote Tuning is not an extra cost accessory. It’s built right into the set, like the many other quality features that are yours exclusively with Zenith.

See this TV marvel, try it… at your Zenith dealer’s now!

No wires – No batteries – No radio waves – No light flashes – No transistors


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