The new comfy casual recliners & rockers from the mid-70s

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Pontiac Comfort-Mates offer more… style… comfort… savings


La-Z-Boy is still making them like they used to

How many times have you heard that expression — they’re not making them like they used to. And it’s true. Back in the good old days, you could get your dollar’s worth. You could count on quality. Somebody cared. Somebody still does. La-Z-Boy. We’ve been crafting chairs with quality and pride in workmanship. And we’ll never stop.


Life will be beautiful in new Pontiac Plush Velvet Swivel Rockers


La-Z-Boy Wall-Recliners keep everybody happy. They recline 1″ from the wall


“I’m going to write a new song, THESE ROCKIN’ CHAIRS GOT ME, Pontiac Rocker-Mates that is!” – Tennessee Ernie Ford


Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy rocker

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