National cash registers figure out exact change! (1957)

National Change Computing Registers return 100% a year on our investment!” – The Kroger Company, Cincinnati, Ohio

 “Another service to our customers… National cash registers that figure your change!”

“We have built our business through constant search  for ways to give Kroger customers better service. That is why we are now installing National cash registers that figure our customer’s change.

“These registers complete the cycle of protection for both customer and store. They show, at the top of the register and on the receipt, that every step of the sale is handled correctly… price charged for each item, kind of merchandise, total purchased, tax (if any), money or check given checker, and exact change due customers.”

“Change is figured accurately. Cash shortages at the end of the day are reduced to the minimum. Time is saved. Customers are pleased because they are served faster and better.

“To date, we have purchased more than 3,200 of these new registers for our 24 branches and 4 Kroger subsidiaries. We estimate that these registers return us 100% every year on our investment, through savings and other benefits.”


The National Cash Register Company, Dayton, Ohio (NCR)

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