New RCA Victor 45 automatic record changer (1949)

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The RCA Victor “45”

…is the world’s fastest… the world’s finest automatic changer

Plays through your radio!

Look at these features:

  • Plays the amazing distortion-free 45 rpm records.
  • Plays up to 10 records at one touch of a button — up to 50 minutes of music!
  • Easier loading! No posts or clamps to adjust.
  • No storage problems — all records are convenient 7-inch size! (Can play as long as ordinary 12-inch!)
  • Non-breakable records! Wear up to 10 times longer
  • Virtually no surface noise


This is the new, wonderful 45 rpm changer unit that lets you enjoy distortion-free music. It’s yours for the unbelievably low price of only $12.95. Easily attached to your present set — and you can enjoy recorded music with the true-to-life perfection that is making music history! It’s the world’s new standard of recorded music. Hurry in for your changer now!

Artists love it!
Vaughn Monroe says: “The new RCA Victor 45 rpm records have superb tone quality… are the easiest in the world to play.”

Owners love it!
People who already own the 45 rpm system accord it the “highest praise! “Perfect tone … amazingly REAL-sounding … to simple to operate”… phrases like these abound letters that pour onto RCA Victor. One you hear it, you know 45 rpm is the system YOU want — now and in the future.

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You’ll love it!
Your “45” changer opens to you a wealth of listening pleasure! “The world’s greatest artists…” and the stars who make the hits…” are on low-cost RCA Victor 45 rpm records. Mors than 1000 titles already! More are coming out every day. Pops — classics — albums — everything! Ask for your copy of the complete RCA Victor 45 rpm catalog!

Sheboygan Press September 26, 1949


Amazing new RCA Victor 45 only $12.95

See and hear this completely automatic record changer today!

Perry Como says… “The amazingly lifelike reproducing medium of the new RCA Victor 45 rpm phonograph record and changer is wonderfully distortion-free… and so easy and natural it is difficult to believe you are not hearing an actual performance.”


Billings Gazette September 20, 1949

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