Hot cling peaches for breakfast (1960)

Look what you can do with cling peaches hot! Lighten up the grayest morning... put a warm glint of sunshine on your table... coax bored winter appetites. Hhot cling peaches are such a bright, golden, wonder... Read more...

The latest Mercury cars for 1960

Mercury Meteor You know only half the story when you hear Mercury's new low prices. It's just as important to know how much more you get in a Mercury Meteor than any other low-price car... You'll like Mercury'... Read more...

50 drinks & toasts (1968)

Toast your friends with these easy recipes for famous drinks made with all the popular basic liquors: Bourbon, Scotch, gin, vodka, rum, Southern Comfort.

The Andy Griffith TV show intro (1960)

The Andy Griffith Show ran for eight seasons on CBS between 1960 and 1968 -- more than enough time to establish itself as an American icon, generate a spin-off and a sequel series, and introduced the world ... Read more...

Ice cream know-how (1961)

Ice cream know-how Steamboat sundae. Hull is a split banana, holds chocolate ice cream drowned in marshmallow creme, orange ice topped with pineapple sauce, vanilla ice cream covered with strawberry sauce. P... Read more...

Meet Little Stevie Wonder (1963)

Behind the unseeing eyes of Little Stevie Wonder there is music and rhythm. As he sits and talks, his hands beat jazz rhythm on imaginary bongos. It seems as if he is giving a beat to a tune playing in his mind.

That happy ghoullucky Addams Family clan (1965)

When The Addams Family series was in preparation, an ABC televite gleefully described the show as “happy-ghoullucky.” This brought forth an immediate response from David Levy, the creator and executive producer of the series...

Jell-O Crown Jewel/Window Glass desserts (1960s)

Also known as Broken Window Glass Cake, this is a spectacular dessert that fits busy schedules -- the gelatin for cubes may be made one day, remainder of dessert can wait until the next day.

Who is Suzy Homemaker? (1966)

Who is Suzy Homemaker? She's every little girl who wants to be just like her mother. That's why all the Suzy Homemaker appliances look and work just like yours. They're big and beautiful -- and work like real.... Read more...

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