Finding a piece of the past: PJ Clarke’s in NYC

It’s not often you can discover long-lost information about a venerable institution like New York City’s PJ Clarke’s. Really — how much more could there be left to learn about a place that’s already a piece of living history?

WWI food rationing posters (1917-1919)

Your sugar ration is 2 lbs. per month (1917) We must confine our consumption of Sugar to not more than 2 lbs. per person per month in order to provide a restricted ration to England, France and Italy. This sto... Read more...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: 1917-1963

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States by Laura Bergquist, LOOK Senior Editor From the fizzy early takeoff of the New Frontier to the heartbreaking end, I was a fascinated specta... Read more...

Halloween scenes from 1910

Take a look at how some newspaper artists -- including several schoolchildren -- envisioned the Halloween celebration and fall festivities back in 1910! ... Read more...

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