Beauty fad: Rose petal lips (1915)

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1919 Lip beauty

From 1915: Rose petal lips is fashion’s newest fad on Pacific coast

Real “rose petal” lips are feminists’ latest fad in Los Angeles.

Miss Margie Wilson, a pretty Los Angeles girl, is the originator of this novelty.

The petals of a red, red rose are first cut into the shape of a “Cupid’s bow.” With the aid of a lipstick, the rose petal lips are applied to the real lips.

If the petals which form the upper half of the “Cupid’s bow” are applied in two parts the wearer may talk and smile without fear of losing the petals.

Miss Wilson introduced the “rose petal lips” at a recent social affair, with the result that the fad has become instantly popular with the younger set of Los Angeles.

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1915 vintage makeup and lip color

Lovely lip looks without petals

For daylight, lips must be softly accentuated with pink following the shape of the mouth, but not quite to the edge. This will make the lips more delicate and far prettier. 

Beautiful natural lips

Lips should be flexible, full of gracious curves, quickly falling into graceful smiling lines and disclosing white and perfect teeth when the lips are parted.

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