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Are haunted houses real (1913)
Are haunted houses real? (1913)

There is hardly a village in any English-speaking country which does not have its haunted houses, of which strange sights, sounds and scenes are reported with rumors, and vague enlargements of rumors.

How to decorate the baby's room (2)
How to decorate the baby’s room (1917)

To furnish the baby’s room in a charming way is not so much a question of money as of taste, and a very pretty room may be devised with the expenditure of only a few dollars.

6-room bungalow home plan (1911)

Bungalow style home design and floorplan 6 rooms, 2 halls and complete bath Rough siding stained brown, stucco gables and green shingles. Should appeal to

Building modern El Paso (1914)

Building modern El Paso Far-sighted El Pasoans selected present Grand View addition as future residential suburb of El Paso, and it is today one of

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