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Tesla holding a phosphor-coated wireless light bulb

Nikola Tesla’s plan to give free electricity to everyone (1896)

Free electricity for everyone? It means that if Nikola Tesla succeeds in harnessing the electrical earth currents and putting them to work for man there will be an end to oppressive extortionate monopolies in steam, telephones, telegraphs and the other commercial uses of electricity
Three men on horseback racing c1885

And they’re off! Look back at the history of the Kentucky Derby

How did the Kentucky Derby get started? Now, the famous Louisville horse race is the first part of the American Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, but when it started, people didn't know how important and iconic the Derby would eventually become. Here's a look back at its history.

41 fantastic & classic sweet potato recipes

Whether you're looking for basic sweet potato recipes or need some ideas for Thanksgiving side dishes, these 41 classic sweet potato recipes cover the gamut, from main dishes to desserts!
41 classic egg recipes (1912)

41 classic egg recipes (1912)

Think you know just about every way to prepare eggs? We bet that at least a couple of the recipes in this collection from 1912 will be new to you. Take a look!
Old-fashioned Easter prayers and blessings - Flowers

14 traditional Easter blessings and prayers (1911)

Celebrate a joyous and happy Easter with this collection of fourteen old-fashioned and traditional blessings and prayers from more than a century ago. You can also save and share the original vintage images of each blessing page.
Dining room home decorating in 1910

Choosing colors & patterns for your home (1910)

The most important things that make home decorating successful are beauty of color, color in relation to light, color in gradation and masses, appropriateness, and harmony between wall coverings and furnishings.
8 classic homemade chocolate custard recipes

8 classic homemade chocolate custard recipes

Here is a collection of eight deliciously sweet homemade chocolate custard recipes from a variety of vintage cookbooks and newspapers. These are truly old-fashioned recipes, as all were published between 1912 and 1919.
How to make jams

How to make jams and jellies (1912)

Now is the season when fruit is abundant, cheap and in the best condition for making jams, preserves and jellies. Preserves mean fruit that is cooked with sugar, equal weight, and left whole or nearly so.
14 classic stuffing recipes (1910)

14 easy classic stuffing recipes (1910)

Get ready for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with the help of these classic stuffing recipes! They are all made with simple ingredients and many fresh or unprocessed foods.

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