Think you’re stylish now? See how ladies’ little nose rings started to get trendy 100 years ago

Miniature nose rings as a summer fancy (1916)

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Nose rings: Is Paris fashion-freak crazy? (1913)

Here is the latest fad of the gay city. What next?

by Olivette

Of course, there is nothing new under the sun — we all know that. But! But the wooden shoes of Holland would seem new if they appeared on Fifth Avenue instead of on the dykes of the Netherlands.

Now consider the nose ring.

A popular French actress has set all Paris to considering it, and when you introduce the favorite ornament of the Fiji islander on the boulevards and boards of Paris, you get a new combination.

To use a nose ring suggests a painted savage or the prize bull at a county fair. To some of the giddy ladies of the gay French capital, it has suggested a chance to appear with something novel, daring and attention compelling, decorating (???) her just where it is sure to win attention.

Pug nose, Greek nose, straight nose, Roman nose — perhaps they are going to swell the ring of ringed flat noses. A fashion from the Cannibal isles!

Paris, in taking up this freak fashion, daringly suggested by an amusing little actress, is watching to see if we will add the accomplishment of wearing this ornament (?) to our other accomplishment of dancing a la newly popular friends, the savages.

The ankle bracelet has quite a number of followers — now the nose ring has made its debut, and the question before the house is what next?

But if we ever see one of our pretty little San Francisco girls parading up Market street with a ring in her nose, we either cut out Welsh rarebits forever or march straight to the best sanity expert we can find.

Nose rings! Never! And you all agree, don’t you, girls?

Nose rings Is Paris fashion-freak crazy (1913)

Miniature Zulu nose rings now promised as a summer fancy (1916)

They are jeweled so that they sparkle in the sunlight when the wearer treads the classic concrete of Fifth Avenue — To those contemplating a purchase, it may be added that they slip on without having to pierce the nose.

Think you're stylish Little nose rings started to get trendy way back in 1916

Little nose rings now a fashion trend for women

Ambitious jewelers are considering the advisability of making them to suit any time of day or any variety of dress — stunning color effects, in platinum and enamel are promised, while drop pendants give ample opportunity for the original

The Zulu damsels with dangling nose rings would scarcely attract the attention of a recruiter for the “Follies,” yet certain young American women are challenging comparison by affecting the same form of adornment that makes these same dusky belles super hideous.

In New York, that home of the everything that is odd in fads, these nose rings have already been seen.

America gets in the mood: Mood rings seen everywhere as colorful new-age trend of the '70s captures the minds of millions

They are dainty trinkets, indeed — set lavishly with sparkling jewels that flash and glitter in the sun and call attention to their appearance. The ring slips on the nose without the preliminary piercing considered au fait in Zululand. It remains to be seen whether it pinches enough to make the wearer uncomfortable.

Rumors have floated southward that some of the more exclusive Fifth Avenue jewelers are considering making these rings to harmonize with any costume or to suit any occasion.

For morning wear, there will be simple engraved affairs suggesting the chaste dignity of a wedding ring. For afternoons, they will be engraved and set with pearls or less conspicuous jewels. In the evening, pendant drops with the family diamonds may be attached.

For conservative women, the rings will be copied in pure platinum, with enamel inlays. These may match the color of the gown.

To Miss Cleo Mayfield, of “The Blue Paradise,” is given the credit for inaugurating this fashion. She and her dangling nose ring have become familiar sights on Fifth Avenue. Others anxious to be up-to-date have copied the mode, and now the nose ring is accepted as part of the correct outdoor attire in the best circles.

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