Pretty vintage hairstyles for women from the 1910s

Pretty vintage hairstyles for women from the 1910s

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No doubt that several of these vintage hairstyles for women from the 1910s could be adapted for use today, and would look as elegantly stylish as ever. Take a look!

How to wear the hair: Vintage hairstyles for women (1910)

Article from the Ladies’ Home Journal (1910)

While every woman may not have been given her “crown of glory” in a wealth of lustrous hair she may, by a careful study of the lines of her head and features, at least make her tresses beautifying.

In the illustration from “Dreaming,” the soft, curly hair seems to part itself naturally and is drawn loosely toward the back, where the strands are turned and coiled low right back of the short part — a charming fashion for a woman just past her youth.

“Amorosa ” suggests a becoming fashion for the girl from eighteen to thirty. The natural wave of the hair is allowed perfect freedom in its fancy to part slightly toward the side, and the whole is massed in a soft coil a little beyond the crown of the head.

1910s soft short hairstyle

In “Reverie,” the hair is represented as growing thick and close to the face, with a charming natural wave which is shown in its full beauty all around the head, unconfined by combs or ornaments of any sort.

The beautiful natural wave and gloss of the hair, quaintly arranged in Puritan fashion, pictured in “Youth,” lend a spiritual radiance to the face and enhance the mark of intellectuality shown by the high forehead.

In the adaptation from “The White Carnation” a natural coiffure is shown in all its charm for a matron. A truly simple and most pleasing arrangement for a young girl is suggested in “Innocence,” by the rolled-back tresses on each side of the part.

In the illustration from “The Broken Pitcher,” the natural and extremely becoming arrangement may be acquired with hair of curly nature left close around the face, with the long strands gathered into a coil low at the back.

From “Lizette,” we may adapt a becoming, rather high coil which may be safely worn when the hair grows low in the back and is soft and curly by nature.

How women can wear their hair Styles from 1910

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Pretty ways the college girls do their hair (1911)

By Blanche G Merritt, Drawings by G Howard Hilder — Ladies’ Home Journal (1911)

From an interesting study of girls in one of our Eastern colleges, these original styles of hairdressing were selected, and they present many hints for other girls: for those having little hair as well as for those who have plenty; for those whose hair is wavy, and for the others whose locks are frankly straight.

Perhaps the most effective arrangement is that shown in the two illustrations in the center of this page, the front and side views of the same style of hair dressing, for it indicates cleverly and becomingly how to balance a heavy head of hair in which the thick hair is braided and wound around the head.

Another style — that illustrated in the lower left-hand corner, with the other view above it — is the answer to the opposite problem: that of very little hair — the fact being concealed, attractively and without false hair, which usually shows in such a case, besides heating the head and thereby risking the loss of the little hair that remains.

1911 College girls hair beauty

This is a nice way for a girl who has a small face but a good deal of hair. You will notice that the roll of the pompadour is away back from the front of the face and has a narrow band of velvet, fastening under the coil at the back by a barrette. The hair is pulled down forward under the band in front.

The two views above, front and side, show a becoming style easily put up and in little time. It seems to go with an intelligent face, the hair brushed fluffily off the forehead with a smooth knot at the back, and is much worn by college girls. In some cases, the front hair shows a parted pompadour.

The straight-haired style in the lower right-hand corner, with its rolled twists at the side, is a favorite.

The youthful center part, shown directly above in front and back views, is drawn back, finishing in three puffs.

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The Greek touch for hair (1913)

The Greek touch for hair (1913)

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Vintage hairstyles for women (1914)

Vintage hairstyles for women (1914)

Women’s hairstyles (1916)

Women's hairstyles (1916)

Vintage hairstyle: The jug-handle for the business girl (1916)

This is the way the young business girl can wear her hair to be both stylish and becoming. The low jug handle gives the appearance of dignity and adds a touch of girlishness and youth at the same time.

Fancy hair dress in a business office is not good taste, so Dame Fashion has set this new simple 1916 mode to take its place.

jug handle hairstyle 1915

For “Miss Coquet” only! (1915)

No one but the young coquet could attempt to wear her hair in high puffs and ringlets — and hope to “get away with it.”

A switch or “rat” can be placed under the puffs to make them appear high, and the addition of a fancy comb will give the desired effect.

And, girls, you can see for yourself how becoming the little curl at the left ear is to “Miss Coquet.”

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coquet hairstyle 1915

Coiffures are high this year

The new high Psyche was invented especially for the girl with regular features. It is equally becoming to the girl of 20 and the young woman of 30, for — unlike the severe styles of the past season — the 1916 Psyche is worn high on the front of the head, giving the soft appearance of one large marcel wave — as shown in the illustration.

hairstyle 1916 psyche

Antique portrait of a woman with an old-fashioned hairstyle, by Hamilton King (1918)

Old-fashioned hairstyle (1918)

Celebrity hairstyles: Vintage actress Alice Joyce (1919)

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Vintage hairstyle from 1919 (5)

Celebrity hairstyles: Vintage actress Lillian Gish (1919)

Vintage hairstyle from 1919 (6)

Classic hairstyles: Vintage actress Mabel Normand (1919)

Vintage hairstyle from 1919 (1)

Celebrity hairstyles: Vintage actress Nazimova (1919)

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Vintage hairstyle from 1919 (2)

Silent-era hairstyles: Actress Alice Joyce (1919)

Vintage hairstyle from 1919 (3)

Old star hairstyles: Silent movie actress Corinne Griffith (1919)

Vintage hairstyle from 1919 (4)

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