’65 Chevy coupes and sedans (1965)

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’65 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe

Some cars pamper passengers. Some cars pamper drivers. Chevrolet pampers both.

Foam-cushioned seats and deep-twist carpeting underfoot — you passengers have it made. So do you drivers with new engines, transmissions and Wide-Stance handling. Now everybody’s happy — have a great trip!


’65 Chevy II Nova Super Sport Coupe

Economy at its Sunday best. ’65 Chevy II by Chevrolet

Now that Chevy II has more power, more dash, more comfort and has put on a new face, its economy is nicer than ever to live with. And it was pretty nice to live with before.


’65 Chevy II Nova 4-door sedan in Cameo Beige

Chevy II got a whole lot smarter, but kept its common sense

You’ll find a host of new styling refinements. And six versatile engines give you a great choice of power. But Chevy II is still easy to fit in, drive, care for and buy.

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