See some classic 1960s Impalas, from station wagons to Chevy muscle cars

See some 1960s Impalas The classic Chevrolet cars

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The cool and classic 1960s Impalas came with fancy new features like a side mirror and sun visors, and vinyl upholstery.

One of the most famous Impalas was from this generation of cars: a black ’67 Chevy Impala muscle car played Dean Winchester’s ‘Baby’ on the Supernatural TV show.

’64 Chevrolet Impala convertible in red

Any car this luxurious should have its price examined! This new 1964 Chevrolet brings you more pure luxury per dollar than anybody — even Chevrolet — ever brought you before.

For example, the rich and spacious interiors are finished with refinements you generally expect to pay much more for. Expensive vinyls and new fabrics are precision-fitted without skimping. Generous foam cushion seating for delicious comfort. Deep-twist nylon carpeting you’d be proud to have in your home.

1964 Chevrolet Impala convertible cars (3)

1965 Chevrolet Impala 4-Door 3-Seat Station Wagon

Some bumps get through Chevrolet’s new suspension. But when a bump gets through those 4 double-acting shock absorbers, 4 coil springs, 1 Girder-Guard frame and over 50 rubber shock cushioners, you must be off the road.

This wagon rides much like Impala coupes and sedans. It should. It has the same new suspension. We feel that if you just want load space, you’d buy a truck. Yet this wagon has more space than ever before. Over 100 cu. ft. of it. And it has the elegance of Impala convertibles.

All vinyl upholstery over foam cushioned seats. And deep-twist carpeting, door to door. In fact, unless you glance back at all that space, you’d never know you were in a wagon at all.

You can order it with just about everything available on other Impalas, too. Including the new 396-cu.-in. Turbo-Jet V8 and either the new fully synchronized 3-Speed transmission or Turbo Hydra-Matic for quicker passing and quieter cruising.

And this wagon comes with all Chevrolet’s car-life preservers. From rust-resisting inner fender skirt; to a battery-saving Delcotron generator. You can tell this spacious, elegant, rugged station wagon is a Chevrolet another way, too. It’s reasonably priced. …Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

1965 Chevrolet Impala station wagon

Somehow Impala doesn’t seem destined to be big with secret agents (1966)

After all, in a year when the lean, clean look is the thing, this Body by Fisher is simply bound to turn heads. From the distinctive front styling to the smart new wrap-around taillights, the Impala SS demands attention.

There’s not a single wasted line on this one. The view from the inside is just as pleasing with wall-to-wall deep-twist carpeting and foam cushioned Strato-bucket front seats standard on this model. It’s all accented with tasteful touches of bright metal and brushed aluminum.

Of course, the interiors are color-keyed to complement whichever Magic-Mirror finish you choose. Nice? Naturally. Inconspicuous, Hardly. Styling the Chevrolet Way.

Shown: Impala SS Sport Coupe with 8 safety features, included padded instrument panel and sun visors, now standard

1966 Impala SS Sport Coupe

’66 Impala by Chevrolet: Sport Sedan & Convertible interior

Chevrolet looks new all over again. The ride’s Jet-smoother, too. As for V8 power, say “Turbo-Jet 396!”

Now you find out what all’s new about Chevrolet Impala for 1966. It’s longer looking. Lower looking. Crisply sculptured front and back. With posh new interiors. And an even Jet-smoother ride!

What we’ve done with the suspension and body mounts makes driving a ’66 Chevrolet seem like owning a fluffy white cloud. Then there’s our Turbo-Jet 396, the 325-hp V8 you can get in any ’66 Chevrolet. If you’re an adventurer, ask for Turbo-Jet 427 — up to 425 horsepower. Or you might order a Turbo-Fire V8 at 220 hp or 275.

We could tell you more about the 1966 Chevrolets — Impala Super Sport, Impala, Bel Air, Biscayne. The 19 models with Body by Fisher. The special things available like 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic and AM/FM Stereo. But reading’s not nearly so good as the driving. So please do.

1966 Impala interior

The 66 Impala by Chevrolet

1960s Impalas: Announcing the new ’67

An inspiration to look at… a revelation to drive! The dynamic new 240 hp Chevrolet Impala in two luxury models. Impala Sedan. And the Impala Sport Sedan distinguished by the clean unbroken sweep of its pillarless roofline. Both bring striking new distinction to the classic lines of the world’s most successful car.

And come equipped to restore driving to the purest pleasure. Liquid-smooth Powerglide automatic transmission is standard, as. of course, are power brakes and power steering. Arid in their sumptuous interiors you’ll discover a host of new appointments for your comfort and safety (including new push-button radio, new centre armrests).

’67 Chevrolet. The finest fine-car investment of them ail. Waiting for you now at your Chevrolet Dealers.

67 Chevy Impala - Classic cars

1967 Impala Sport Sedan: Similar to the Supernatural TV show car

1967 Chevy Impala Sport Sedan - Supernatural

67 Impala classic car – Front view

67 Impala classic car - Front view


Chevrolet’s 3-row Impala Wagon – Inside & out (1967)

Chevrolet’s ’67 wagons have so many new safety features they’re as “safe as a sandbox” when you load them with kids.

Seat belts, front and rear, keep youngsters snug in their seats. And if a small nose does bump the instrument panel it lands in heavy padding. Window control knobs and coat hooks are molded of pliable plastic with no sharp edges to grab or nick.

Even the door locks are safer. Once you’ve pushed the locking button, the door handles won’t engage. Kids can’t open the door by mistake. We’ve found that one of the nice things about Chevrolet’s safer place for kids is how safe it is for grown-ups too. Let your Chevrolet dealer show you why.

Chevrolet's 3-row Impala Wagon (1967)

Interior - Chevrolet's 3-row Impala Wagon (1967)

67 Chevrolet Impala in blue – interior and exterior

67 Chevrolet Impala in blue - interior and exterior

1967 Impala SS Convertible

1967 Impala SS Convertible

Classic 1969 Impala Custom Coupe carClassic 69 Impala Custom Coupe car

The 69 Impala Sport Coupe

69 Impala Sport Coupe

1969 Impala Custom Coupe in red

1969 Impala Custom Coupe in red

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