See vintage culottes: The pants that looked like skirts

Culottes for women - Vintage fashion

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From campus to kitchen, They’re wearing culottes (1955)

By Margaret Parker Gary, Women’s Day – August 1955

Good campus companions — jerkin and knee-length culottes in an Orlon-and-wool blend, blouse in Acrilan jersey; both washable

The trim tailored-skirt look — new machine-washable blend in men’s-wear flannel weave coordinates with fine cotton-print blouse.

For a busy day at home — culottes and blouse in light and dark tones of one color, crease-resistant, no-iron cotton.

Wear them for sports or everyday chores — make them knee short or dress length.

From campus to kitchen, culottes are the new '50s fashion

Culottes are back in fashion again and for a very good reason. Let’s admit it, girls — far too few of us have the streamlined proportions needed for snug-fitting slacks, even though it took our disapproving men to convince us.

More becoming and just as functional, culottes give you all the freedom of movement you need in workday chores or active sports, besides making a good appearance in public.

We’ve combined our gracefully cut culottes with a good-looking, easy-to-wear blouse and added a smart little belt-buttoned jerkin to complete the costume for streetwear.

Simplicity culottes from 1955

Spring green culottes from 1969

Vintage acress Deanna Durbin modeling culottes (1940)

A culotte suit style (1966)

Casual culottes for women (1969)

Culottes on campus (1960)

1960s Culottes for women - Vintage fashion

Casual culottes in the sixties

Retro fashion - Hostess culottes (1974)

Vintage culottes The pants that looked like skirts (1960)

Vintage culottes styles from 1960

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