Classic ’65 Chevrolets: Malibu, Corvair, Chevelle, Impala, Chevy II & more

Classic '65 Chevrolets

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’65 Chevy II Nova Super Sport Coupe

Economy at its Sunday best. ’65 Chevy II by Chevrolet

Now that Chevy II has more power, more dash, more comfort and has put on a new face, its economy is nicer than ever to live with. And it was pretty nice to live with before.

65 Chevy II classic cars

’65 Chevy II Nova 4-door sedan in Cameo Beige

Chevy II got a whole lot smarter, but kept its common sense

You’ll find a host of new styling refinements. And six versatile engines give you a great choice of power. But Chevy II is still easy to fit in, drive, care for and buy.

1965 Chevy II

’65 Chevy Chevelle Malibu Super Sport convertible

CHEVELLE by Chevrolet has a few surprises for you: Like the ride, performance, comfort, quietness, styling, luxury, handling, practicality, economy of operation, ease of maintenance, versatility, response, roominess, luggage capacity, finish, longevity, size, and spirit.

Surprise! It’s an intermediate-size car, but there’s nothing intermediate about Chevelle’s performance. In fact, there are a total of 21 power teams, to give you precisely the grade of performance you want most. And the neat size of Chevelle just insures you the agility to go with the performance.

Surprise again: revise your notions about the roominess and comfort of an intermediate-size car. Once you discover the easy grace of
the new Chevelle ride — refined even more this year — you’ll realize that Chevelle offers all the traditional Chevrolet values in a surprisingly handy size and sharp new personality.

We could go on and on, but you’ll get the Chevelle idea best when you discover how much space you don’t need to park it and how much money you don’t have to spend to buy and operate it. And how many custom touches you can add to make your own Chevelle very special — anything and everything from an AM-FM Stereo radio to a tissue dispenser.

The other surprises you’ll just have to see for yourself. Chevelle simply has more of everything than anything else in its class. Surprise yourself: try one! … Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

65 Chevy Chevelle Malibu Super Sport convertible

Check out the '69 Chevy Chevelle & Malibu, now cool collector cars

1965 Corvair Monza Sport Sedan

The car: Corvair by Chevrolet The appeal: Universal. The reason: It’s different from any other American car.

65 Chevrolet Corvair

Let Chevrolet put you in beautiful shape for ’65

Now, a Chevrolet that makes everything over, under and around you beautifully different. A completely new Corvair with its first big change in five years. A Chevelle that doesn’t hold back on anything but cost. And a Chevy II that’s turned into the most powerful tightwad in town!

’65 Impala

For 1965, the big luxurious Chevrolet could almost get by on looks alone. But that’s far from all that’s new. It’s longer, lower, roomier, heavier, more luxurious than any Chevrolet has ever been before.

Completely new (need we tell you?) from that sleek Impala Super Sport Coupe roof line and curved side windows all the way down to the Jet-smooth suspension. And that makes even the lowest-priced Chevrolet feel for all the world like a luxurious car. Which, indeed, it is. More expensive-looking outside, richer looking inside, more shoulder room, more leg room up front — all in all, we think it’s the best Chevrolet we’ve ever built.

Take a look back at the classic '70s Chevy Impalas
’65 Corvair

As you can see, Corvair’s got all kinds of advanced ideas. And those new ideas don’t stop with Corvair’s sleek, low racy looks. Inside,
there’s more shoulder room. More comfort. The effortless handling only its rear engine and new independent suspension can give. All wrapped up in seven models, including the Monza, 500 and brand-new top-of-the-line Corsa series.

New performance, too, from Corvair’s air-cooled six — up to 180 hp that you can order in the new Corsa Sport Coupe or Convertible. Just wait fill the ones who always wait till next year see this!

1964 1965 Chevy car models

’65 Chevelle

There are enough changes in the ’65 Chevelle to make it, too, feel like another whole new can from Chevrolet. New ride, new style, and an engine that will make you feel young again—a 300-hp V8 engine that you can order, the top of five engine choices for 1965.

And its smoother ride and extra body insulation make things as quiet for you as the day the kids went back to school. Twelve new Chevelles to pick from. Come in. Find yours. Drive it. Buy it. You’ll be as happy about it as we are.

’65 Chevy II

Our economy is on the upswing! For ’65 Chevy II has a dressed-up front, back, interior, and a smart new roof on sedans. We even made two new V8s available: a 250-hp and a 300-hp. Underlying it, though, are those wonderful things that have made Chevy II such a tightwad these past years. A battery-saving Delcotron generator. Self-adjusting brakes. Rust-resisting rocker panels.

But as your Chevrolet dealer will show you, for 1965. Chevy — It’s turned into the most exciting tightwad in town. . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

’65 Malibu Super Sport Coupe, gone a-wandering

65 Chevelle by Chevrolet

Beautiful shape for ’65: Chevy II

Look who just turned into the most powerful tightwad in town — Now you can even have a 300-hp V8 in your new 1965 Chevy II. There are new interiors and new styling, too. Chevy II never hid its economy and practicality so well!

Guess what? Quiet, practical little Chevy II just grew fangs. For the first time ever, you can now ask to have a big 250-hp or 300-hp V8 engine put under the hood of your next Chevy II Sedan or Sport Coupe.

The meek just inherited the road. Standard engines this year are the 195-hp V8 or the 120-hp Six, depending upon the model you choose, along with your choice of a 4- cylinder gas-saver on the Chevy II 100 sedans.

As for the rest of the car, well, it’s new in front; new in book; and as you’ve probably noticed already, the sedans have a sleek new roof line on top. Inside’s new, too. Richer fabrics. Plusher vinyls. Dressed up instrument panel. Scuff-proof cowl side panels. Standard color-keyed seat belts. And you can surround all that with living-room-toned music by adding an AM-FM Stereo radio.

Then of course there’s Chevy II economy. No Chevy II story would be complete without a word on that! The word is miserly… Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

Chevy II for 1965 - Classic cars

1965 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan

1965 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan

’65 Impala Sport Sedan & Bel Air Sedan

Announcing the Beautiful Shape for ’65 — now in two luxurious models!

The distinctive Impala Sport Sedan joins the new Bel Air Sedan to bring you a completely new Chevrolet blend of big-car luxury, jet-smooth performance and value-for-money for ’65! These sculptured beauties are wider, longer, lower than ever. With no center pillars to come between you and the view, Impala has all the open-air glamour of a convertible.

New curved doors and windows in both models give Chevrolet new spaciousness, more room for you to stretch out and enjoy a host of refinements. Interiors are color-matched and fully carpeted throughout.

There’s sumptuous imported upholstery in the Impala, genuine top-grained leather in the Bel Air. And with Impala’s 230-hp Turbo-Fire V8 (195-hp in Bel Air), you get Powerglide automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes.

You’ll see these two new ones from Chevrolet are completely beautiful, beautifully complete. Drive a new ’65 Chevrolet and you’ll see it’s everything that its Beautiful Shape promises to be!

1965 Chevrolet cars - Impala and Bel Air sedans

Malibu Super Sport Coupe in Regal Red – one of 13 new Chevelle colors for ’65

1965 Chevelle - Chevy cars

’65 Chevrolet — The roof is new and so is everything underneath it

You can tell just by looking that Chevrolet is far more elegant for ’65. But you have to drive it to know how new and advanced it really is.

It’s lower, the Fisher Body is longer and wider and the wheels are farther apart for new stability on the road. The suspension system is improved to make Chevrolet’s Jet-smooth ride even smoother. (There’s a coil spring at each wheel and some 700 sound and shock deadeners placed throughout the car!)

There are two different standard engines your 1965 Chevrolet can be equipped with — a 140-hp six or a 195-hp V8. They take it nice and easy on gas and, at the same time, pour out more than enough smooth, responsive power for the kind of driving most people do.

If you want still more power, there are four other V8s you can order. A 250-hp. A 300-hp. A 340-hp. A 400-hp. And with any of those engines, a long, spacious, heavy, elegant, luxuriously appointed ’65 Chevrolet becomes something breath-taking to drive.

When you drive it (and we hope you’ll do that soon), there are other nice new things you’ll notice. The upholstery inside is lush new vinyls and fabrics. Chevrolet now has curved side windows which give you more shoulder room. The instrument panel is deeply recessed with the elegant look of hand-rubbed walnut trim on Impala models.

And yet even after all that, there is still a lot more that’s new for your Chevrolet dealer to show you when you come in.

1965 Chevrolet -- The roof is new and so is everything underneath it

’65 Caprice Custom Sedan interior

1965 Caprice custom sedan by Chevrolet

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