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Vintage Holly Hobbie dolls and toys at Click Americana

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About the real Holly Hobbie

Toys, crafts, clothing, furnishings and other collectibles featuring Holly Hobbie

“American Greeting Card Company deserves kudos for creating lovable Holly Hobbie, originally a greeting card ‘character’ who has now been really put to work in a line of Christmas card originals, paper party goods, gift wrap, decoupage kits, wall plaques, figurines, collector plates and more.”  – Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York), December 3, 1973

“Over-abundant bonnets, high-topped shoes and aprons are common trademarks of Holly Hobbie’s nostalgic characters. Her rural New England background is prominent in the old-fashioned appeal of her art.

“Educated at Pratt Institute of Art, [the real Holly Hobbie] is married to a college professor and has two daughters, a son, and a large orange cat which pops up from time to time in her drawings.”  – Florida Today (Cocoa, Florida), March 7, 1974

Vintage Holly Hobbie Christmas card from the 1980s

“Holly Hobbie is the character that decorates so many American Greetings cards. She’s the old-fashioned girl dressed in calico with lace-up boots and an enormous sunbonnet. Her bonnet is so large that her face is usually completely hidden by it.”  – The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee), December 7, 1978


Holly Hobbie by Knickerbocker: A doll she’ll remember with love (1976)

Holly Hobbie will remind you of the rag doll you once loved.

You’ll understand why little girls fall In love with Holly Hobbie at first hug. That’s why Holly Hobble is fast becoming an American tradition.

Holly Hobbie and her friends. Heather and Amy are soft, huggable rag dolls. And there are tiny versions with complete playsets — dresses to change, carriages to wheel, flowers to water, kitchens to cook in, and a doll-size gazebo.

Knickerbocker makes toys with loving attention to detail and to quality. So one day the little girl you love can give her Holly Hobbie dolls to the little girl she loves.

Vintage Holly Hobbie dolls (1976)

Holly Hobbie and Heather dolls (1975)

We’re as cute as anything on TV!

Holly Hobbie and her pal Heather may be a bit conceited. They’re certainly not Miss America, or as talkative as some animated TV cartoon characters. But they are very special dolls for little girls to play with. They like to play together, too. And cute they are! In their big bonnets, apron dresses and pantaloons. 

Holly Hobbie and Heather dolls (1975)

Hollie Hobbie & her friends (1975)

Nostalgic 12-inch vinyl dolls have soft rooted nylon hair. All have movable arms and legs.

Carrie wears a dainty print long dress with a matching apron.  A wide-brimmed hat trimmed with flower crowns her lovely long red hair.

Holly Hobbie is dressed in a rustic patchwork design long pinafore dress. Matching sunbonnet perches on top her long sandy brown hair.

Amy is looking lovely in her long print pinafore dress. A matching sunbonnet crowns her long flowing brown hair.

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Vintage Hollie Hobbie toys and dolls at Sears 1975

Hollie Hobbie & Carrie Rag Dolls at Sears (1977)

Hollie Hobbie dolls at Sears 1977


Holly Hobbie toys, dolls & more for kids at Meijer (1975)

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Meijer collection of Holly Hobbie merchandise (1975)

Delightful Holly Hobbie dolls and dollhouse (1976)

Delightful Holly Hobbie dolls and dollhouse (1976)

Assorted Holly Hobbie dolls and children’s play sets (1976)

Including Holly Hobbie umbrella, oven, tea set, playhouse, cradle, stroller, and more.

Assorted Holly Hobbie dolls and children's play sets (1976)

Assorted Holly Hobbie dolls and children's play sets (1976)

Coleco Holly Hobbie doll playsets & nostalgic toys (1976)

Shown below are Vanity Fair Holly Hobbie old-fashioned phonograph, Holly Hobbie Doll Hi-chair, Pillsbury Friendship cake or cookie set, and more.

Coleco Holly Hobbie doll set (1976)


Hollie Hobbie dolls, nightgowns, and pajamas (1976)

We love Holly Hobbie and her friends Heather and Amy, too. They’re so pretty in their quaint little sun-bonnets and pinafores.

And now they look so sweet on sleepthings for your favorite little girl. Both gowns and pajamas have the same patchwork quilt print in flame-retardant Dacron polyester flannelette.

Children’s sleepwear shown is embroidered with “The time to be happy is now” and “A little tender, loving care makes happiness grow anywhere”.

Hollie Hobbie dolls, nightgowns, and pajamas (1976)

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Hollie Hobbie dolls, nightgowns, and pajamas (1976)

Hollie Hobbie dolls, nightgowns, and pajamas (1976)


Holly Hobbie fashions, home decor & more (1973)

It’s as American as apple pie…

“Holly Hobbie” by Young Editions makes going back to school fun!

Holly Hobbie hopscotches her way to classrooms and recesses with clothes that are fun to wear and easy-to-care for too. She’ll be eager for her first day of school in a snappy vest dress. 

Holly Hobbie merchandise (1973)

Holly Hobbie children’s furniture at Sears (1977)

Holly Hobbie themed vanity table and bench, desk and stool, and hope chest.

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Retro 1970s Hollie Hobbie furniture at Sears 1977

Holly Hobbie wall decals (1972)

Holly Hobbie wall decals (1972)

Holly Hobbie wall decals (1972)


Vintage 1970s Holly Hobbie canopy bed in pink & yellow

Set included a ruffled canopy, bedspread, two pillow shams and cafe-style curtains

Vintage 1970s Holly Hobbie canopy bed in pink or yellow

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Holly Hobbie sheets, cases, and towels (1976)

Holly Hobbie sheets, cases, and towels (1976)

Springmaid Holly Hobbie fantasy sheets (1976)

At last, picture book sheets to turn a little girl’s room into magic. She will love making friends with “Holly Hobbie” characters. Multi-colored prints on a white background.

Springmaid Holly Hobbie fantasy sheets (1976)

Holly Hobbie quilted bedspread (1981)

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Holly Hobbie bedding (1981)


Holly Hobbie Bake Oven (1980)

This all-electric oven has an old fashioned cast iron appearance and sturdy molded construction.

Side extensions serve as both work areas and cooling trays. Old fashioned in style, but totally modem in safety features, the side action oven heats with just one 100 watt bulb (not included).

Unique safety door seals off baking chamber and keeps bulb out of teach. Double wall front panel kiaps heat in so the oven never gets too hot to touch! 

  • 1 apple pie filling mix/1 pie crust mix
  • 1 German chocolate cake mix/1 vanilla frosting mix
  • 1 cake pan/1 pie tin
  • 1 teaspoon/1 serving paddle
  • 4 instruction/cookbook 

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1980 Coleco Hollie Hobbie Bake Oven

Holly Hobbie playhouse and kitchen toys (1975)

Meijer collection of Holly Hobbie merchandise (1975)


Sew a Holly Hobbie wall hanging (1975)

Who doesn’t love a little lass in calico? This sweet wall hanging and old-time outfit are easy-do Holly Hobbie patterns from Simplicityir?t=clickamericana 20&l=ur2&o=1.

Here’s the charming miss you’ve seen on so many greeting cards and gift wraps. Stitch up her demure dress and apron (as shown, or in shorter length) and poke bonnet for a special little girl. Or applique the 26-by-35-inch wall hanging, using fabric remnants. The two patterns are $1 each at Simplicity counters.

Sew a Holly Hobbie & patterned fabrics with Holly on them (1975)

Holly Hobbie stuffed doll sewing pattern (1973)

This was vintage Simplicity pattern 6006

Holly Hobbie stuffed doll Simplicity pattern 1973

Holly Hobbie embroidery (1973)

Vintage Simplicity pattern 6005

Holly Hobbie embroidery pattern - Vintage art

The original Holly Hobbie doll making kit by Avalon (1976)

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The original Holly Hobbie doll making kit by Avalon (1976)

Retro Holly Hobbie fabric prints (1974)

These delightful little prints will take you back to those old-fashioned days when little girls wore sun-bonnets and long stockings that were homemade. Marvelous for decorating a child’s room or for making the new look in fashion. How about Mom and Little One look alikes?

Holly Hobbie prints (1974)


Holly Hobbie Colorforms Sew-ons (1975)

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Vintage 1975 Holly Hobbie Sew-Ons Colorforms kit

Vintage patterned fabrics with Holly Hobbie patterns (1975)

Vintage Holly Hobbie fabric - material for sewing (1)

Vintage Holly Hobbie fabric - material for sewing (2)


Betty Crocker Storybook Dinnerware – Holly Hobbie plates (1975)

Like playmates out of Great Grandmother’s childhood — quaint little Holly Hobbie and her friends parade in celebration of the Bicentennial across a child’s own dishes to join Peter Rabbit, Raggedy Ann ‘n Andy and the Three Little Pigs on Betty Crocker Storybook Dinnerware.

This is a gift to delight the special children in your life and will please parents, too, They’re child-size of durable Melamine, crafted by Oneida to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. They’re stain-proof and dishwasher-safe.

With special tip-proof plate and thermo plastic mug, shaped just for little hands, this set is ideal for beginners. Give them with the child-size knife, fork and spoon or the baby educator set — a complete table setting in a tradition to grow up with.

So original and so lasting you’ll want to order more than one set to keep for gift occasions.

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Betty Crocker Storybook Dinnerware -- Holly Hobbie (1975)

Holly Hobbie Christmas glasses from Pizza Hut (1976)

Everybody’s gettin’ in the Christmas spint at Pizza Hut… with Holly Hobbie’ Christmas glasses. A different glass every two weeks. 

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Happy Holly-Days! From Pizza Hut (1976)

Coca Cola’s Holly Hobbie drinking glasses (1978)

Cheers! Drink to the holiday spirit at Rax and at a special price collect your set of Holly Hobbie glasses.

Santa with Holly Hobbie drinking glass (1978)

Treasure Island’s Holly Hobbie ceramic plates and figurines (1972)

Heartwarming Holly Hobbie scenes will bring you thoughtful Christmas cheer to everyone you love. Something nice at a value price. 

Ceramics printed with sayings like:

  • “Happiness is having someone to care for”
  • “Just a little thoughtfulness brings a lot of happiness”
  • “A little spice and a lot of nice, that’s what friendship is made of”
  • “Happy Candle-Blowing”
  • “Love makes the world go ’round”
  • “God bless you real good”

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Treasure Island's Holly Hobbie ceramic plates and figurines (1972)


Holly Hobbie Christmas gifts (1972)

“As American as apple pie” – Turn-of-the century nostalgia personified.

Holly Hobbie and her little friend GiGi on notepaper and remembrance cards — pretty party plates and cups, and tablecovers and napkins — albums, too.

And more — decorated china plates and figurines (some on music boxes) — to give or collect.


Holly Hobbie Christmas gifts (1972)

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Holly Hobbie jewelry by LANG (1978)

She’s always been a little gem, now she’s jewelry.

For the first time America’s little girl is jewelry. The new heirloom collection of Holly Hobbie jewelry includes pendants, pins and bracelets in sterling silver and vermeil; each piece with its own “keepsake” pouch.

Holly Hobbie jewelry by LANG (1978)

Holly Hobbie Victorian dollhouse (1981)

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Holly Hobbie Victorian dollhouse (1981)

American Greetings Holly Hobbie ceramics (1982)

American Greetings Holly Hobbie ceramics (1982)

See Holly Hobbie “in person” at a shopping mall (1982)

Adorable Holly Hobbie at Westland with all her friends! They’ll be the center of several colorful displays depicting old-fashioned Christmas. See Holly and Robbie Hobbie decorating Grandma’s house, an old-fashioned country store and other nostalgic scenes.

See Holly Hobbie and friends at Westland Mall, Detroit (1982)

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