Superheroes, cartoon characters & more on classic ’80s sleeping bags

Superhero sleeping bags

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Almost every kid had a sleeping bag in the ’80s — one that could be used on camping trips, sleepovers, slumber parties, and often while just at home.

These slumber bags were super-popular because they were functional and cool — cool because they often featured favorite cartoon characters, TV shows, and even everyday products, like Crayola crayons and Doritos chips.

Here, take a trip back a few decades to see some of the most popular ’80s sleeping bags, as featured in department store catalogs throughout the decade!

Character sleeping bags from 1981: Bugs Bunny, Benji, The Pink Panther

Character sleeping bags from 1981

’80s sleeping bags: Spacecraft – Race cars – Tostitos

Sleeping bags from 1981 - Spacecraft - Race cars - Tostitos

’80s slumber bags: Peanut Butter and Jelly – Crayola Crayons – Country Kids

Sleeping bags from 1981 - Peanut Butter and Jelly - Crayola Crayons - Country Kids

80s Superhero sleeping bags: Superman, Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman sleeping bag also includes Wonder Girl, Supergirl and Bat Girl. And Popeye is somehow included in this Superhero set.

Superhero sleeping bags

80s sleeping bags: Mighty Mouse & The Amazing Spider Man

Mighty Mouse and The Amazing Spider Man vintage sleeping bags

Animal characters and body blankets from 1981

Animal characters and body blankets from 1981

Winnie-the-Pooh sleeping bag from 1981

80s sleeping bag: Winnie the Pooh


80s slumber bags: Includes Alice in Wonderland, Lone Ranger & Tonto, and Sesame Street characters (1980)

Slumber party sleeping bags 1980 2

Sleeping bags: Unicorn and rainbow, She-Ra Princess of Power, Sesame Street, My LIttle Pony, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Wuzzles, Rainbow Brite (1985)

Sleeping bags from 1985 2

Vintage sleeping bags: Super Powers, G I Joe, TransFormers, Go Bots, Masters of the Universe, Golden Girl, Knight Rider (1985)

Sleeping bags from 1985 3

80s slumber bags: Care Bears, GLO Friends, Garfield, Care Bears, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Strawberry Shortcake, Hugga Bunch (1985)

Sleeping bags from 1985 1

Vintage TV show sleeping bags: Care Bears, Jem, She Ra, Unicorn, My Little Pony, Teddy Ruxpin, My Child, Rainbow Brite (1986)

Vintage sleeping bags from 1986 2

80s sleeping bags: Lisa Frank – Gumball machine & Heart and bear balloons slumber bags (1986)

Vintage sleeping bags from 1986 3

80s sleeping bags: Hot Wheels, Centurions, Sesame Street, Pound Puppies, Transformers, G I Joe, MASK, Garfield, Masters of the Universe (1986)

Vintage sleeping bags from 1986 1

Vintage sleeping bags: Unicorn, Lady Lovelylocks, Raggedy Ann, My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, Barbie and the Sensations, Bubblegum, Sesame Street, Dinosaurs, Clown, Pee Wee’s Playhouse (1988)

Sleeping bags from 1988 1

80s sleeping bags: Classy Duck, Pandas, A to Z, Ocelot, Camouflage, Luv-A-Phant (1988)

Sleeping bags from 1988 2

80s slumber bags & tents: Disney Mickey’s Express, Duck tales, Roger Rabbit, Bambi, Mickey ‘n Minnie, Magic Kingdom (1988)

Sleeping bags from 1988 3

80s sleeping bags: Alf, Lobo, Hot Wheels, Karate, Snoopy, Superman, Ghost Busters & Garfield (1988)

Sleeping bags from 1988 4

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