See 10 vintage portable electric hand mixers & beaters from the 50s

See 1950s vintage portable electric hand mixers,

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Look back at these 1950s vintage portable electric hand mixers, with the kind of removable beaters that kids loved to lick to sample delicious cake batter and cookie dough!

You’ll see all of the most popular retro brand names for these old-fashioned kitchen appliances from the fifties here — along with a look at the features they offered.

Whirl Beater vintage electric mixer (1950)

The gift that beats everything — the new twin-nylon Whirl Beater by Gilbert

Vintage electric hand mixer - Whirl Beater by Gilbert 1950

“Dormey is here!” – Retro portable mixer for those lucky June brides

“Dormey” is here — to cut in half your mixing time, and your mixing effort! Makes every pot and pan a mixing bowl.

Dormeyer’s amazing new “Dormey” is lighter weight… has five full-powered speeds on dial selector and fingertip beater release! Includes a new recipe book.

No other portable mixer can offer you all these features:

  • Lighter Weight
  • One-Hand Operation
  • Recipe-Tested Speeds On Dial Selector
  • 5 Full-Powered Speeds
  • Full-Size Beaters
  • Finger-Tip Beater Release
  • Space Saver
  • Stands Up For Easy Draining

Retro portable mixer from the fifties - Dormey is here

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Vintage ’50s electric hand mixer: Hamilton Beach Mixette (1953)

A work-saver that’s sure to please — and it’s under twenty dollars! Hamilton Beach quality and more big-mixer features make Mixette America’s most popular portable.

Beats, mixes, mashes, whips — in any bowl or pan. One-hand operation; 3 speeds under your thumb. Stands on end for draining batter; hangs on the wall for storage. Beaters snap out for cleaning. In gift box.

Vintage electric hand mixer 1950s - Hamilton Beach Mixette 1953

Retro yellow West Bend portable mixer (1950s)

West Bend’s time-saving portable mixer comes to you in a beautiful color combination of House and Garden sparking pastel citron and gray.

Fingertip control selects any of 3 speeds for mixing, whipping, beating, or blending. Perfectly balanced and lightweight for one-hand mixing. Chrome-plated beaters snap out for easy cleaning. Rubber bumper guard underneath mixer.

Retro yellow West Bend portable mixer (1950s)

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Hamilton Beach Mixette in 5 colors (1956)

The only portable with a 5-year guarantee! Stunning new colors: Pink, yellow, turquoise, chrome, white

vintage portable electric hand mixers - Hamilton Beach Mixette in colors 1956

Vintage portable electric hand mixers from Hamilton Beach (1957)

Mixette beats everything as a gift! you have a choice of stunning new colors: pink, yellow, turquoise, white or chrome, to match your kitchen color scheme. 

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Vintage electric hand mixer 1950s - Hamilton Beach 1957

Lightweight yet powerful 1950s GE hand mixer (1958)

General Electric portable mixer is finger-tip light… And so powerful it does your toughest mixing jobs with ease

Here’s the handiest mixer you’ve ever seen! Use it at the range, counter, or kitchen table, and take it where the food is.

Select the proper speed at a touch of the control. The convenient heel rest holds the mixer upright … a flip of the finger releases beaters for easy cleaning.

Remove cord — mixer hangs on the wall for easy storing.

There’s always a plus in General Electric!

Vintage 50s GE hand mixer (1958)

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You can see the difference in a Dormeyer! (1957)

Here’s the only portable mixer with 9 full-powered speeds!

It’s a totally new kind of portable. It’s the new 1957 Dormeyer… completely redesigned and styled like a new car! Comes in white, pink, turquoise or yellow with chrome trim.

Dormeyer portable mixer with 9 speeds! (1957)

Dormeyer exclusive-9 speeds! It’s the first portable mixer that gives you as many useful speeds as a standard mixer, the biggest, fastest whipping beaters of any portable!

Convenient — Stands upright. No mess when you stop mixing to add ingredients. Dormey stands on end — beaters drain into mixing bowl. Has automatic beater release.

Stores in a drawer. You might want to put it out of sight, but isn’t it nice to know this compact, lightweight, portable can be tucked away in a drawer. It’s just 8″ long!

About the vintage Dormeyer portable mixer with 9 speeds! (1957)

Vintage Westinghouse portable mixer (1958)

vintage portable electric hand mixers Westinghouse (1958)

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Beats… whips… mixes drinks! It’s the new General Electric Portable Mixer (1959)

1. Lightweight, yet powerful — Enough power to mix the heaviest cake batter, yet the General Electric Portable Mixer weighs less than 3 pounds!

It’s so convenient to use! Take it with you—to the food, whether at table, range or counter. After use, set it on its heel like an iron.

2. Dreamy desserts, feather-light frostings, a mountain of whipped cream can be made with ease. Three speeds. Just consult the handy mixing chart for the setting you need.

So easy to clean and store, too! Pushbutton ejector releases beaters for washing—at a touch. Cord removes for separate storing. Mixer hangs on your wall—within easy reach!

3. NEW drink-mixing beater — General Electric exclusive! This special third beater whips up nutritious malteds, frozen juices, fancy party drinks by the pitcher-full or glass—in a jiffy!

See it at your dealer’s soon! In Turquoise, Pink, Yellow and White. General Electric Company, Portable Appliance Dept., Bridgeport 2, Conn. 

Vintage electric hand mixer 1950s - General Electric small appliances 1959

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  1. I have a 50s Dormeyer Mixer but lost the beaters. It’s a Model 8400. Do you know where I can find the correct beaters for this machine? Thank you.

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