Antique silver tilting water pitchers
6 antique tilting water pitchers made of silver

Tilting water pitchers were often found on the dining table during the Victorian era. Mounted on a swing pivot, it simplified the task of pouring ice water into cups or glasses, as there was no lifting required.

Tappan Time Machines for your kitchen (1966)
Tappan Time Machines for your kitchen (1960s)

If you don’t have enough time, maybe you don’t have enough Tappan Time Machines! See some time-saving new kitchen appliances for women who have more to do than cook food and wash dishes.

Pink & yellow kitchens of the fifties

Why were pink & yellow kitchens popular inn the ’50s? Because it wasn’t enough for homeowners to decorate the kitchen with just one color – they had to combine them, for a pastel buttermint effect.