A vacation home on the water: The Homarina beach cabin

This beach cabin is perfect for the family to whom a second home is a place for boats as well as people. It has a seafaring air about it from stem to stern — yet it’s snugly anchored to shore.

A vacation home on the water The Homarina beach cabin (1960)

The Homarina beach cabin: How this seaside getaway is built

The Homarina, designed by architect Milton Schwartz, provides secure boat storage plus over 400 square feet of comfortable, practical leisure living space — plus a large deck right at water’s edge.

The living area is arranged into compact sleeping, cooking, social and bath areas. Step from this onto the big deck out front (room to grow here) — then down a short ladder to the floating dock where your boat is moored. Could anything be finer?

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In the Homarina, fir plywood again helps keep costs way down. If the recommended medium-density overlaid fir plywood is used, materials should run you between $2,500 and $3,000.

Overlaid plywood is specified because it provides an extra measure of durability. Less expensive grades of plywood would reduce the estimated figures, of course.

Architect Schwartz designed this right-on-the-water shelter for Johnson Motors Family Boating Bureau. It rests firmly on concrete piers or preservative treated wood piles.

The beach cabin’s wall design

Overlaid plywood serves as combined siding and sheathing on walls. Plywood assures lateral rigidity which this type of structure requires.

A vacation home on the water The Homarina beach cabin (1960)

This beach cabin’s floorplan

Floor plan shows well-designed use of space, both inside and out.

A vacation home on the water The Homarina beach cabin (1960)

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