Retro shelf edging & lining paper from the ’50s & ’60s

Apr 26, 1954 Royledge kitchen decor

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Take a look back at some retro shelf edging papers & liners — used especially to decorate open shelving in vintage kitchens without a lot of cabinets, as well as bathroom shelves and linen closets.

Royledge shelf edging patterns from 1950

Try these NEW patterns on your kitchen shelves

You’ve never seen such gorgeous, gleaming color-beauty as new Royledge Shelving will give to your kitchen! New Royledge “Plasti-Chrome” Finish is brighter, more decorative than ever — stronger, too.

In minutes, for pennies — your kitchen glows with color. Hurry — select from new Royledge patterns at 5 & 10’s, naborhood [sic], hardware, dept. stores

Kitchen shelf edging

How to be proud of your linen closet (1960)

(Royledge makes it easy!)

Wonderful how Royledge shelf paper keeps closets ready for your most critical audience! Wherever there’s a shelf or closet — kitchen, playroom, bedroom, hallway — Royledge all-in-one shelf and edging paper provides the perfect finishing touch.

Cheerful patterns. Fresh decorator colors. Wipes clean with a cloth. In regular or Xtra Width. At variety, supermarket and department stores.

1960 Royledge home decor shelves


New color for your kitchen – Retro shelf edging (1952)

Cut out and try these new patterns on your shelves — See how your kitchen “sings with new color” when you glorify all shelves with new “Plasti-Chrome” Royledge.

“Plasti-chrome” finish makes colors brighter, gayer than ever — transforms your kitchen with exciting color beauty! Yet new Royledge costs only about a penny a foot. Select gorgeous patterns now at 5 & 10’s, Supermarkets, Housefurnishing, Naborhood, Dept. Stores.

Shelf Lining Paper & Edging all-in-one. 9 ft. & 24 ft. pkgs. – NEW ADHESIVE Edging—moisten and apply to metal &wood shelves. STARTING APRIL 25, see Royledge Carnival of New Spring Patterns at local stores.

New color for your kitchen - Retro shelf paper & edging (1952)

22 vintage kitchen ideas you don't see much anymore

How to put glowing color magic in your kitchen (1950)

In minutes, for pennies — you can make your kitchen glow with magical reds, blues, yellows — simply by placing color-bright Royledge on all shelves.

Only a penny a foot, new “Plasti-Chrome” Royledge is so simple and quick to use – simply place on shelf and fold down beautiful edge. See glorious new patterns now at 5 & 10’s, Supermarkets, Housefurnishing, Naborhood, Dept Stores.

vintage kitchen royaledge nov 1950

“My kitchen is a showplace!” (1950)

“I decorated for pennies and won compliments from everyone for my gorgeous kitchen. So easy – I placed glorious, color-bright ‘Plasti-Chrome’ Royledge on all shelves.

New ‘Plasti-Chrome’ finish is brighter, stronger – the room sparkles with gay reds, yellows, blues!” See exquisite new Royledge designs now at 5 & 10’s, naborhood, hardware, dept stores.

vintage kitchen royaledge feb 1950

Make your shelves sing… for a song! (1959)

Easy to use, inexpensive Royledge shelving adds sunshine to every shelf in your house… gives cupboards, closets a bright, sparkling look that lasts.

Regular Royledge or X-tra Width (to fit way back on the shelf) in range of colors; designs. At variety, department stores, supermarkets, everywhere. Royal Lace Paper, Bklyn 1, NY.

vintage kitchen royaledge april 1959

Retro pink kitchens for you and me: Pink, white & black home decor from the 1950s

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