The old Yellow Pages phone books let your fingers do the walking

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Vintage yellow pages phone book
Photo by NomadSoul1/Envato

Vintage Yellow Pages phone directory from 1983 (1)

Vintage Yellow Pages phone directory from 1983 (2)

Yellow Pages - Let your fingers do the walking - 1964

Yellow Pages 1961

Yellow Pages for business 1973

Classified Yellow Pages telephone directory - 1952

Donnelley Yellow Pages - history 1986

Let your fingers do the walking - Yellow Pages 1962

Shop by phone when you can't leave home - 1961

Shop the Yellow Pages way - 1962

Vintage Yellow Pages 1973

Vintage Yellow Pages 1977

Yellow Pages made Joe Torre famous for football (1976)

You probably know Joe as a baseball star from New York. But he also owns a sporting goods store in Brooklyn. Which is why he advertises in the Yellow Pages. Although everybody may know him from baseball, not everybody knows he sells football equipment.

And that’s how the Yellow Pages helps him. If that starts you thinking that the Yellow Pages could help you, give us a call. We might even help make you famous.

Yellow Pages made Joe Torre famous for football (1976)

Yellow Pages TV commercial: James Earl Jones & Elvis

100 years ago, Donnelley invented the Yellow Pages. (1986)

Today history repeats itself. There’s more to us than just Yellow Pages.

It was our idea in the first place. 100 years ago, Donnelley invented yellow pages as revolutionary as the telephone itself. And along the way, we’ve helped millions of American consumers contact millions of American businesses. For 100 years, Donnelley has published, marketed and sold yellow pages. And for 100 years, we’ve been working out new ways of giving American consumers and businesses what they need.

Today we’re putting all those years of innovation to work in a new yellow pages. Refined, updated, developed, designed, produced and delivered, The New Donnelley Directory™ is moving beyond all other yellow page directories. It’s the reference that will e used by everyone. It’s the directory you’ve been waiting for.

The yellow pages and much much more. Our yellow pages are easier to use — and easier to read — with better graphics, simplified headings, and cross-references. It’s accurate, concise and so much more. There are local street maps, guides, and coupons too.

Can’t miss. We know how to distribute our directory to the people most likely to use your business. We’re not confined by the phone company’s boundaries. We’ve looked over our geographical areas and worked them out so well — your advertising goes straight to the people you need to reach. It’s that simple. And very efficient.

More bang for the buck. We want your money to work every bit as hard as you do. Our volume and multiple directory discounts were designed so you can advertise more and spend less. The added plus: an ad in The Donnelley Directory can cost up to 40% less than an ad in Bell’s Directory. And that’s a better value than anyone else can offer.

Bigger. Better. Bolder ads. For the same price, Donnelley Directory ads are so much bigger than Bell ads. We’re more colorful too. We’ve developed a color system that’s so unique, it’ll give your ad the look of full color — for the same price as a black-and-red Bell ads.

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And here comes Wile E. Coyote. On TV, radio, in newspapers and magazines, you’ll see Wile E. Coyote use The New Donnelley Directory to plot ingenious ways of catching up with the Road Runner.

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