Mid-century modern carpet styles (1950s)

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Mid-century modern carpet styles (1950s)

Siboney broadloom wall-to-wall carpet styles (1953)

Siboney broadloom by Bigelow has more “extras” than a newsboy

Just look at the richly-textured pattern! Notice how Siboney’s special 3-level pile gives you the beautiful highlights and shadows you find in the costliest sculptured rugs.

Nov 9, 1953 home decor vintage carpet

Beauvais broadloom carpet styles (1954)

Brightens your dark rooms! Nothing brightens a dark room more beautifully than a luxurious sweep of Bigelow’s Beauvais Wheat broadloom in doeskin beige or dover grey.

Sep 13, 1954 retro sculpted carpet

Now DuPont nylon ushers in a new era in carpeting quality (1954)

Oct 25, 1954 Nylon carpet

Broadloom Match-Mates to mix and match carpet styles (1954)

Mix them and match them… tie rooms together

Oct 25, 1954 Vintage carpet - Bigelow

I love carpet: Lucy & Desi Arnaz choose their dream carpet (1955)

Bretton Hall broadloom (1954)

For many, many happy Christmases to come! 

Christmas ’54 will be an unforgettable day if you give her Bigelow’s Bretton Hall broadloom. No gift could do more to brighten the heart of a woman who loves her home. So be a smart Santa; take your wife to your Bigelow retailer’s today…

Dec 6, 1954 Bigelow carpet

Bigelow Waikiki broadloom carpet styles (1955)

If you want a real luxury carpet at a moderate price, Bigelow Waikik broadloom is for you.

Mar 21, 1955 Bigelow carpet

Now! Two exciting new carpet textures (1955)

Apr 4, 1955 carpet

Something new in luxurious sculpted carpeting! (1955)

May 2, 1955 vintage sculptured carpet

9 colorful mid-century kitchen remodels & retro floorplans from 1954

Fresh and gay — and “very today” carpet styles (1955)

Touraine carpet achieves a two-level texture with straight and Curltwist all-wool yarns. 4 are in stunning abstract patterns. A fifth gives a stylized damask effect. About $11.95 per square yard. (From Alexander Smith)
Oct 31, 1955 Home decor carpet

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