See the vintage card tables & folding furniture almost everyone used to have

See vintage card tables

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Set – for a couple or a crowd (1950)

With Samson folding furniture

Get set for a season of hospitality — for open house when friends drop in, for holiday dinners and party buffets. You’ll treasure your Samson folding tables and chairs for extra seating and dining space — so smart in your decorative scheme.

Card tables & folding furniture from the fifties

Living styles are changing as fun replaces formality (1952)

America Uses Samson Foldaway Furniture To Double Play Space, Dining Space, Work Space, Hobby Space!

Living is more fun when it’s informal! That’s why Americans everywhere are turning from old-fashioned fuss and formality to a new, more hospitable, take-it-easy way of life.

That’s why they are getting more fun out of family life, out of casual get-togethers with friends, out of all sorts of entertaining. Why, too, you find so many budget-wise families buying famous Samson Foldaway Furniture for their homes.

Samson is all-purpose furniture, the perfect answer to today’s informal needs. You can set it up in a jiffy and practically double your existing play space, dining space, work space and hobby space.

What once was simply a card table set now does double duty in most every room! Versatile, beautiful and low in cost, Samson Foldaway is America’s number one furniture buy — featured by leading stores wherever you go.

LIFE May 5, 1952 samson folding tables

America’s living styles swing to more fun – less formality (1952)

LIFE Mar 10, 1952 folding tables

Sturdy, colorful and easily cleaned, Samson Foldaway Furniture is ideal for bridge, canasta, chess, checkers, dominoes — all kinds of board or card games. Legs lock securely — make the table solid and steady.

And roomy, restful Samson Chairs make even the longest sessions a pleasure. When the game is over, simply clear the table and you’re all ready for serving your favorite refreshments!

Whether you’re guest or host — whether tire party’s for four or forty — everyone has more fun when it’s informal! Guests warm at once to the friendly feeling of informality that thrifty Samson Foldaway Furniture gives.

They like the casual, comfortable way you seat them and the easy-going way you serve them from a buffet of Samson tables placed together.

After-the-party clean-up is a breeze, because spilled food and drinks wipe off the Samsontex tabletops and chair seats with just a whisk of a damp cloth! Then, you merely fold both tables and chairs and store them out of the way

Your Number One Furniture Buy — The Perfect Gift For Any Season

For weddings, anniversaries, Christmas or other important occasions, Sam-son Foldaway Furniture makes a practical, beautiful gift with years of service and enjoyment built in!

Samson ALL-PURPOSE Foldaway Furniture . . . the Most Active, Useful, Versatile and Economical Furniture You Can Have in Your Home

There’s a Samson chair for every public seating need! For special quantity prices, ask your local authorized Samson Contract Dealer or write Shwayder Brothers direct.

Card tables: Give Samson folding furniture (1952)

Card tables Give Samson foldaway furniture (1952)

Samson folding furniture (1952)

More use per dollar than any other furniture you can buy! Doubles play space, work space, dining space, hobby space — the hardest-working furniture in the home!

Card tables & folding furniture from the fifties

Black ‘n’ brass – newest glamour card table set (1955)

LIFE Sep 26, 1955 card table

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World’s strongest card table… for sewing, work, dining, parties (1956)

Vintage card table

Antique White Samsonite Flaire table with Floral White Flaire chairs (1964)

Vintage card tables from 1964 (2)

Antique Tan Samsonite Flaire table with Bark Brown Flaire chairs

Vintage card tables from 1964 (1)

Antique Blue Samsonite Scanda table with Baltic Blue Scanda chairs

Vintage card tables from 1964 (4)

Antique Green Samsonite Scanda table with Oslo Green Scanda chairs

Vintage card tables from 1964 (3)

Samsonite king-size table and chair set (1964)

Vinyl upholstery wipes clean easily – available colors: antique white & antique tan.

Retro king-size Samsonite cart table set - 1964

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Decorator-style padded upholstered folding chairs from Samsonite (1967)

Padded upholstered folding chairs from Samsonite - 1967

Folding bridge set with round table (1973)

Matte black vinyl upholstery — 1-3/4 inch deep full-padded urethane foam contoured chair seat and back

Vintage folding furniture - card tables and chairs from the 70s - 1973 (1)

Nylon-velvet upholstered tables — in choice of 3 different colors (1973)

Family size 35-inch square… Upholstered over urethane foam on sturdy tubular steel frame — color-coordinated baked enamel frame finish. Available in red/black frame, honey/gold-tone frame & lime/green frame.

Vintage folding furniture - card tables and chairs from the 70s - 1973 (2)

Vintage folding furniture - card tables and chairs from the 70s - 1973 (3)

Folding bridge set with square table (1973)

Wet-look coffee bean color, crinkled-effect vinyl upholstery. 1/2 inch deep cotton-padded seat and contour back.

Vintage folding furniture - card tables and chairs from the 70s - 1973 (4)

Made by Sears Samsonite Folding Furniture (1979)

In 2 fashionable frame colors… Chairs upholstered in a choice of vinyl or coordinating Herculon fabric

Made by Sears Samsonite Folding Furniture - 1979

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