15 fun retro ways to decorate a child’s bedroom with real ’60s style

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Five wonderful children's room decor ideas 1962

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Wonderful, workable playable children’s bedrooms (1962)

Rooms where your children can be themselves, work and play and entertain their own friends

Our children, boys and girls, usually manage to be where they want to be, and often that’s home in their own room, if the room gives them a chance to be themselves. Therefore, it’s a wise parent who knows his own child, and decorates his room accordingly.

The rooms shown below have certain things in common that all youngsters want. They have plenty of shelf and storage space for games and books and sports and hobby paraphernalia.

Flowery pink '60s bedroom decorating ideas

They have good-size desks or tables for work and play and study. They are neatly arranged to leave as much free floor space as possible. They have bright color schemes and furnishings that will stand up under wear and tear.

The girls’ rooms are suitably feminine, with ruffles and flower prints and pretty curtains, and the boys’ room are thoroughly masculine, with clean straight lines and no nonsense about decoration just for its own sake.

All the rooms were decorated with due regard for the family budget, too: furnishings that don’t cost too much to begin with, and will give many years of service with very little upkeep (washable fabrics, for example). 

Besides, each room has fresh ideas and real individuality. (Have you ever seen a child who wasn’t a rugged individualist, who wasn’t sure whether he liked chocolate or vanilla best?)

Red white and blue bedroom decor inspiration from the sixties

And these ideas are just starters. When in doubt, ask your own children; they know what they want to collect, what colors they like, what hobbies they want to pursue in the privacy of their own rooms. What’s more, they won’t hesitate to tell you.

Sunny bright retro bedroom style from 1968

Examples below: The built-in wardrobes with drawers beneath, to form bed alcoves in the teenage boys’ room. The distinctive color scheme, blue and white and violet, in the little girls’ room. The red picket fence wallpaper cut-out in the delightful nursery.

See vintage gold-edged Provenceaux bedroom furniture sets from Bassett (1960s)

Colorful bedroom for boys (1962)

Growing boys’ room is practically indestructible; has everything from bunk beds to baseball and mitt.

There’s plenty of storage space in the chests; awning-striped sailcloth slipcovers can be lounged on with a minimum of wrinkling; the study-play table with pole lamp serves two.

Flooring is cork and vinyl. Idea for displaying toys or collections: A shelf that runs around two walls.


Growing boys’ bedroom floorplan

Young girl’s bedroom is fresh and flowery (1962)

Little girl’s room is fresh and flowery, with a canopied bed, one wallpapered to match the bedspread fabric, painted furniture, the tea table set for Raggedy Ann.

The love seat opens up to sleep a guest. Attached to one wall are sheets of perforated metal, painted white; decorative and useful for hanging up pictures, shelves.

Photo gallery: The canopy bed revival of the 1970s

Retro-style girls’ bedroom decorating: Victorian charm with modern practicality

Teen-age girls’ room combines Victorian charm with modern practicality. The curvy chairs, stools and bed headboards are natural peel you paint yourself; the efficient storage wall, with desk-dressing table for each young lady, is built in.

The sunny color scheme is taken from the flowered chintz, quilted for the bedspreads, plain for the draperies. A white cotton rug marks off what every girl wants: a conversation area for exchanging news about boys.

Teen-age girls’ room floorplan

Change the scene: Renovating kids' bedrooms (1972)

Red and pink nursery for baby

Nursery in pink and red and white is complete; it even has a rocking chair for the baby’s mother. The crib is neatly fenced off from drafts and light by folding screens, and a red picket fence wallpaper cut-out decorates both the screens and the wall behind them.

Flooring is vinyl, valance is papered to match walls, window shade is a matching pink and white checked cotton.

Nursery in pink & red floorplan

See cute vintage baby nursery furniture & bedroom decor they had in the fifties

All-American red, white and blue bedroom for boys – from the ’60s

Teenage boys’ room is all-American in character, with a positive red, white and blue color scheme.

It is also planned for rugged individualism: each boy has his own desk, captain’s chair, shelves installed on a backing of plywood with slots, built-in wardrobe with drawers beneath. The flooring is vinyl, bedspreads are sailcloth.

How to make a boy's Alaskan bedroom hideaway (1961)

Teenage boys’ room and the All-American & Little girl’s room

Kids’ retro bedroom with emphasis on color & practicality (1965)

This nursery side of a divided room (top) for two children is filled with the brilliant colors children adore; the practical materials mothers depend on: vinyl floor, shelves that adjust to growing needs, Formica-surfaced cupboard. Acrylite panel screen provides privacy with filtered light. Sheet and pillowcase are Fieldcrest’s “Puppet Show.”

Vintage bedroom decor from 1965 for a shared childrens bedroom

Kids’ retro bedroom decor with a young, feminine mood (1965)

High point of high ceiling is gingham-check wallpaper with repeating bows. These are handpainted in larger scale on scalloped window shades.

Along the wall behind beds is 10-year-old owner-artist Lizzie Meyer’s private gallery of watercolors. Bedroom decorated by David Barrett. Flowered sheet and pillowcase are Wamsutta’s “Milles Fleurs.”

Retro-style girls' bedroom decor with gingham check wallpaper

How to wallpaper a ceiling, plus 12 colorful examples of this retro '70s home decor trend

Daisies and trellis make for a garden-themed bedroom (1966)

Treillage headboards set the bucolic theme that pervades a young girl’s bedroom from the lattice ceiling to the grass green vinyl tile floor.

“Daisy Delight” cotton print in curtains and bedspreads by Bates Fabrics; Zefran and nylon rug by Regal. Interior design by Randy Trull.

Retro-style floral girls' bedroom decorating from 1966

Pink floral bedroom with wallpaper everywhere (1966)

In eight-year-old Victoria’s private bower, the wallpaper covers walls, ceiling, beams, moldings, even the window frames and a tier of shelves. The rest is strictly practical: corduroy on the bed, deck paint on the floor. Victoria’s desk is an old Dutch marble-top washstand.

Vintage home decor from 1966 - Pink floral bedroom with wallpaper everywhere

Vintage home decorating: Kids’ rooms can be their castles (1960)

Child’s space needs organization for sleep, play, study, sturdy charm

The most versatile room in the house should be the child’s. If it is only a place for sleeping and storing clothes the whole family is being cheated. With organized quarters boys and girls may be less likely to drop books, skates and friends all over the house and living should be pleasanter for everyone.

The children’s castles shown here, executed by top designers, demonstrate how rooms of average size can serve many purposes. Each room is: a bedroom, a parlor where friends may be entertained, a study where homework can be done, a playroom and a museum for treasures. Fabrics, wall and floor coverings are able to take hard wear.

There are no perishable children’s beds, chairs, tables to outgrow. Furnishings are durable and adult. Though sometimes done on a small scale, they could come from or be moved to any part of the house.

50 mid-century modern carpet styles from the '50s & '60s: Vintage wall-to-wall flooring in all its glory

Storage space is easy to rearrange or move if the family moves. Shelves and pin-up walls expand the use of the rooms. Moderately handy parents could do much of the work of making shelves and painting.

Bright colors make attractive order of the hodgepodge of unpainted, secondhand and new furnishings. Each room is designed to give a girl or boy an incentive to be orderly, to respect good furnishings and to have fun in his private world.

1960 Cute bedroom home decor

Vintage kids’ bedroom decor: Place for a girl with a hobby

The room is designed for a sewing buff — half of the nine million US teenage girls sew — but it would accommodate any teenage hobby.

A wall of felt panel — felt is glued to wall with wallpaper paste; edges are covered with ballroom’ molding — serves as ample pin-up space for fabric swatches, homemade art. A flush door with pole legs makes an oversize work table lighted by adjustable hanging lamps.

Brass curtain rods on the back wall hold dress fabrics. Sedan chair behind girls makes an ideal nest to curl up and read in.

The bed, on the opposite side of room, is rattan. Loaded with pillows, it makes sofa by day. Both girls’ rooms are by Decorator Barham D’Arcy of Bloomingdale’s, New York.

Vintage Singer sewing machines from the '50s: They're sew classic

Vintage kids' bedroom decor Place for a girl with a hobby 1960 (2)

Vintage kids' bedroom decor Place for a girl with a hobby 1960 (1)

Retro bedroom style: Where a boy can let off steam (1960)

This small room makes such canny use of space that it gives a boy a workroom with a maple block workbench and pegboard for tools; and a bedroom, study, and an active game room with a punching hag, dartboard and climbing ladder. Desk behind ladder has a white Formica top with an inlaid checkerboard.

Cabinets and bookcases are cantilevered from plywood wall. The red walls are covered with a plastic-coated fabric mounted on Homasote board. The plastic is easy to clean, makes a good surface for thumbtacking and pinning. When tacks are pulled out, holes do not show.

Vinyl cork tile floor does not show dirt easily. Rug under bed divides sleep area from play space. Venetian blinds are metal with plastic tapes, long-lasting and practical. Bedcovers and pillow are of Acrilan and cotton, a dirt and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Large square ottoman (foreground, below) is covered with Naugahyde, has hinged top, holds games, books and toys. It is mounted on casters for freewheeling. Room was done by Interior Designer William Pahlmann for the Venetian Blind Institute.

Retro bedroom style Where a boy can let off steam (1960)

1960 Boy's bedroom - Home decor

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